(1) Both Hegel and Marx both agreed on the how history comes about, but the differences between them is what caused the change. Even though Marx accredited Hegel and the role alienation in his works,

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Both Hegel and Marx both agreed on the how history comes about, but the differences between them is what caused the change.  Even though Marx accredited Hegel and the role alienation in his works, it is the role of alienation that these two philosophers/sociologists disagree.  Marx believes that material existence is what changes history and not consciousness.  There have been constant fights between the have and have nots and in the inequality in America.  America is ever changing, and new history is always being created.  The creation of new history is the result of different group dynamics not being satisfied with current life conditions.  We have had leaders such as President Roosevelt who had, “revolutionary concept that governments must guarantee their citizens certain fundamental civil, political, and economic rights” (Brucken 2017:143). During this period when this comment was made, African Americans could not even fight alongside their white counterparts in a war that threaten “democracy”.  This was not the start of ill treatment of African Americans but nor the end.

Women also had to fight for the rights that were equal to men as well.  “Married women could not own property, neither real estate nor personal property (including the very clothes they wore); had no control over their earnings; and had little legal economic standing in the marketplace, meaning they could not enter into contracts and had no right to sue to redress economic grievances” (McCammon et al., 2014:225).  Women were to take care of the home and raise the children.  It was not until 1920 that women gained the right to vote and it 1963 the Equal Pay Act was created.

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The examples given are just a few of how material and economics bring about change.  Even now we are seeing how economics and materials are creating change in America.  In the coming year, it will be interesting to see how rising inflation and shortage of materials brings about change in our country.


I sympathize with change coming from the motor of history. Both Marx and Hegel emphasize how history displays itself. Marx believed that social classes, played a significant role in society’s struggles. “The short version of “Marxism” goes like this: the motor animating historical change is class struggle. Two large-scale social phenomena condition class struggle: institutions and ideologies” (Munger 2020:510). Marx advocated more for everything to be equal and to eliminate social classes. We demonstrate these scenarios in today’s society as we continue to fight for a positive change in gender rights, racism, global warming, etc.

While, Hegel believed more of consciousness of freedom approach. “‘Responsibility’ is therefore meant, in the first place, to identify this specific, restrictive sense within which Hegel understands agency. Some of these themes attaching to agency as a social status will be recognized” (Barba 2017:555). Contradicting what Marx argued, Hegel believed social status was worthy of being recognized.

Marx theory and values are more visible, in change coming from a motor of history. Therefore, I would have to agree with Marx more so than Hegel. With the pandemic, things have been more economical and environmentally changing. The world has changed so much in just two years, it will be intriguing to see what continues to change or not change.



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