1. Download the Blood Tracing Project Instructions Download Blood Tracing Project Instructions. 2. Watch the Video InstructionsLinks to an external site.. 3. Each blood tracing should have th

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1.    Download the Blood Tracing Project Instructions Download Blood Tracing Project Instructions.

2.    Watch the Video InstructionsLinks to an external site..

3.    Each blood tracing should have the following:

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o   Blood tracing key: in order, a list of arteries blood flows through from the ascending aorta to get to the specified location and a list of veins that carry blood back to either the superior or inferior vena cava from the specified location

o   Map: a drawing that has the blood vessels labeled and corresponds to the key

§  If the ascending aorta and aortic arch are B1 and B2 on the key, you will label those blood vessels on the map as B1 and B2.

o   Download: Example tracings and keysDownload Example tracings and keys

o   Download: Blank human torso Download Blank human torsoto use for the maps – you can also find your own or draw your own.

4.    Resources:

Download: The Lecture Textbook BV figures and tables (Tortora 16th

o   will help you trace the arteries and veins.  You will need the tables in this PowerPoint file to find the last arteries (going to the location) and the first veins (leaving the location) for some of your tracings

§  Example: if your tracing said to go to the jejunum (part of the small intestine), the figures in the lecture textbook will only take you as far as the superior mesenteric artery (supplies the small intestine and proximal colon).  Use the tables to find the arteries that branch off the superior mesenteric artery to find the final specific BV (in this case the jejunal artery). The jejunal vein drains the jejunum into the superior mesenteric vein

Turn Project in online or in-person.


1. Download the Blood Tracing Project Instructions Download Blood Tracing Project Instructions. 2. Watch the Video InstructionsLinks to an external site.. 3. Each blood tracing should have th
Blood Tracing and Map (50 pts): For the 4 locations in the body (lettered A-D), you will do blood tracings for them and then label the vessels on a map. R. posterior cerebellum Spleen R. Gluteus maximus L. gonad (ovary or testes) For each location, you will start with the ascending aorta and list the arteries in numerical order that blood travels through to get to the location, and then list the veins blood flows through to get back to the right atrium of the heart. All tracings should begin with ascending aorta and aortic arch as the first 2 blood vessels and end with either superior vena cava or inferior vena cava (see the example below). Use the tables and figures provided on Moodle in the Project Info folder to help you with this (these are from the lecture textbook). You will also draw a blood vessel map showing a torso with the blood vessels in your tracings. The arteries and veins should be labeled on the map with the same numbers as the blood tracing. Use a separate torso for each tracing. You can take pictures and upload them or draw them digitally and upload the images. Use a letter and number combination for your blood tracings. Location A blood vessels should be numbered A1, A2, A3, etc. Location B should be numbered B1, B2, etc. Be sure to include the location as a step in the blood tracing. Be sure to include the liver as a step in the blood tracing if the tracing goes through the hepatic portal system (hint: it’s the spleen). Any organs/tissues, such as the liver or tracing locations, should also be drawn on the blood vessel map (see example). You can draw your own torso or print out blank ones and draw the blood vessels, or draw them digitally using powerpoint, paint, word, or other program that has a drawing feature. You can type your tracings in a word document or you can write out the tracing off to the side of the torso. Do not include the blood vessel names on the torso next to the labels on the map. It will be too cluttered and difficult to see. See the Moodle page for some example tracings and maps. The tracings are essentially the map key. Remember to include left or right where appropriate. You may abbreviate this as l. or r. You may abbreviate artery and vein as a. or v. It is advisable to also draw major artery branches to help clarify identification. For example, in the map below, you can see the 3 branches of the aortic arch (the 3rd being the l. subclavian artery which is labeled). Also, note when the brachial artery splits into radial and ulnar, both are drawn, but only the ulnar is labeled since it is part of the tracing.
1. Download the Blood Tracing Project Instructions Download Blood Tracing Project Instructions. 2. Watch the Video InstructionsLinks to an external site.. 3. Each blood tracing should have th
You can print this image and draw on it or you can draw electronically on this image. Adjust the size and position as needed. You can also copy and paste this image into powerpoint or other program that will let you draw and save the image as a .jpg. (.docx .pdf, .pptx, and .jpg can all be uploaded to Canvas)


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