1.When determining the appropriate sentence for a business firm, courts focus on which of the following?

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1.             When determining the appropriate sentence for a business firm, courts focus on which of the following?

a.             Good faith efforts to avoid violations.

b.             Previous violations.

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c.             Cooperation with the authorities.

d.             All of the above.

e.             None of the above.

2.             What can a company due to protect itself from the hacking of its bank accounts?

a.             Obtain identity theft-protection services.

b.             Change company passwords frequently.

c.             Routinely test firewalls.

d.             Instruct employees to respond to unknown e-mails.

e.             All of the above.

f.              a., b., and c.

3.        Regarding precedent, a state court can:

a.            Overturn precedent of that state’s highest court.

b.            Overturn precedent of the United State Supreme Court.

c.            Follow the precedent of lower courts in that state.

d.            All of the above

e.            Look to the persuasive authority of other states if that state has no precedent.

4.        Which school of legal thought is the most pragmatic?

a.          Natural law.

b.         Legal positivism.

c.          Historical.

d.         Legal Realism

5.             What is true about an employee’s corporate email?

a.             It is not accessible to the corporation due to a reasonable expectation of privacy.

b.             It is accessible by the corporation.

c.             It is protected by the Fourth Amendment.

d.             a. and c.


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