16. Explain the expectancy theory formula?

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16. Explain the expectancy theory formula? M (Motivation) = V x I x E (2 points)

1. An organisation needs to evaluate external fit when determining strategy. Give one example for each PEST factor and how it could impact the success of a business (8 marks total):

Political factor (2 marks)

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Economic factor (2 marks)

Social factor (2 marks)

Technological factor (2 marks)

2. Explain each of the following competitive/business strategies (1 mark each), giving an example (1 mark each) each of an organisation or industry that applies (6 marks total):

  1. defender competitive/business strategy? (2 marks)
  2. analyser competitive/business strategy? (2 marks)
  3. prospector competitive/business strategy? (2 marks) ___________________________________________________________________________

3. Explain the differences between a vertical and horizontal organisational structure? (2 marks)

4. Explain the differences between an organic and mechanistic organisational structure? (2 marks) Give an example of an organisation for each. (2 marks) (4 marks total)

5. What is the difference between ‘best practice’ and ‘best fit’ (i.e. strategically aligned)? (2 marks)

6. Explain the characteristics of traditional Vs. ‘high-involvement’ management culture (2 marks) and give an example of an organisation for each (2 marks). (4 marks total)

7. Give an example where an organisation’s workforce profile may be a strength and another example where it might be a weakness for an organisation. (2 marks)

8. What is a ‘wide span of control’ and is it more likely to be in a vertical or horizontal organisational structure? (2 points)

1. Explain using examples for the following drivers of Employee Benefits changes:

a. Legislative requirements

b. Tax law changes

c. Union pressure

d. Demographic change

e. War for talent (competition) (5 points)


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