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The ultimate expression of freedom in the United States is the right
to vote. This right is deeply treasured by many Americans, but there
are those that take the process for granted. How is my vote counted? Do I
have fair representation in Congress? Does my vote make a difference?
These are the kinds of questions a concerned citizen must ask when
considering the voting process.

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There are a number of different methods for counting votes used around the world ranging from majority rule to the constitutionally mandated electoral college
used to determine the US presidency. In order to explore the
complexities of the voting process and methods used to assure fairness,
let’s examine the following scenario:

In the near future, Congress and the states will
abolish the process of voting at the polls in the United States.
Instead, all citizens will cast their votes via an approved and secure
smartphone app.

In your post, address the following questions:

  • Describe what changes you anticipate this would
    make to the accuracy, documentation, expense, and convenience of the
    voting process.
  • What method of fairness do you feel would be best
    suited to counting the votes in this process: majority rule or some
    other variation?
  • Explain whether this method of voting could be considered truly secure.
  • What are some unintended consequences that could arise from this method of casting votes?

When constructing your response, consider the theories,
examples, and concepts discussed in your readings this module, and
refer to them to support your conclusions.

Write your initial response in a minimum of 200 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.


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