250 word essay and five page powerpoint

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Marketers decide whether to mass market to all customers in the same way, or to target market different specific customers in different ways. Consumer and organizational, or business-to-business, markets usually have different dimensions that a marketer must consider.

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Marketing grew based on its ability to identify and satisfy the needs of buyers. Mass marketing occurs when the needs of all buyers is the same, or undifferentiated. However, it is not always possible to satisfy everyone’s needs with the same products. Larger markets are sliced into smaller, more manageable segments. Organizations use different strategies when targeting the needs of different customer segments.

This assignment consists of two parts: A written paper and a 6-slide Powerpoint presentation complete with graphics and author’s notes.

First, in a minimum of 250 words (excluding the title and reference pages), in APA Format with at least three references, explain in each step how you will apply the decision-making process in the purchase of a new vehicle.

Select one of the following vehicle brands only: Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Jeep, or Nissan.

  1. Need Identification
  2. Information Search and Process
  3. Identification and Evaluation of Alternatives
  4. Product/Service/Outlet Selection
  5. Purchase decision
  6. Post-Purchase Behavior

Then, create a 5-slide PowerPoint with graphics and author’s notes that illustrates the six steps of the decision making process. each slide must have 150 words in notes section and must be cited in APA style


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