2Indicate in the table the best statement Paul should use to inform his bosses of the

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  • Indicate in the table the best statement Paul should use to inform his bosses of the

current state of affairs. Rank the statements in order of best to worst using a scale from 1-5 with one referring to the best approach.



The project is experiencing some minor hiccups but nothing that the team cannot handle or correct.The project has hit a major hurdle and it will be impossible to deliver anything by Christmas. We might as well go home.The project has hit a major obstacle. We might need some help in being able to find alternatives to get the best possible delivery by Christmas.The project is delayed and we won’t be able to deliver all the toys by Christmas but we are looking at contingency planning and would perhaps be able to deliver 50% of the toys by Christmas. There is nothing more that we can do about it.The project is in deep trouble. I told you we should never have used that supplier. I didn’t like him from the start and now he sent us the wrong paint. It is his fault, and now we probably won’t even get 20 toys out by Christmas.


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