400 words Module Discussion

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Watch the video Meth Inside Out: Windows to Recovery. The video can be accessed here or in the module. The video can also be accessed through Hatch Library and the Kanopy database.

1. Having worked as a forensic clinician in a jail, I worked a lot with offenders

with co-occurring disorders. I frequently heard the same sentiments from

offenders that one of the women in this video said: “The best thing that

happened to me was that I went to jail. It got me off the drugs and probably

saved my life.” What do you think about this statement from a treatment

perspective? Is there some truth to this or not? What are the advantages or

disadvantages of incarceration for someone with a co-occurring disorder?

2. After watching this video, it is clear that the therapist must be familiar with

various treatment modalities in order to effectively treat an individual with co-

occurring disorders. What treatment modalities presented here do you think you

would feel competent implementing, and what treatment modalities do you

feel you need more training in?

3. How comfortable were you watching the portion of the video on family

support? Do you find it difficult to listen to family members “criticize” the

addict or point out their problem behaviors? It seems counterintuitive to have

family members point out the faults of the addict. There is always a fear there

could be a negative, and even a violent reaction, or it could put a deeper wedge

between the family members and push the addict farther away. How do you

know when the right time is to do this?

4. What can you do to prevent your client from experiencing relapse drift?


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