Accessibility Audit (30%): The expected word count is 1500 words +/- 150 words. You will be required to complete a review of a public physical space and consider the accessibility limitations from th

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Accessibility Audit (30%):

The expected word count is 1500 words +/- 150 words.

You will be required to complete a review of a public physical space and consider theaccessibility limitations from the perspective of individuals with different types of disabilities. Forexample, how would an individual with mobility limitations, someone who is blind or has lowvision, or a person with intellectual disability navigate the space effectively and successfully?What modifications would be required in order to provide equal and equitable access?

1) Select a public space to analyze. It must include an external entrance, a publicwashroom, and a customer service desk/human interaction of some kind. Examplesinclude a mall or a library.NOTE: You are not required to physically visit the location. Try to choose a place thatyou know well and/or can access information online or by contacting a customer servicerepresentative.

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2) Provide a brief description of the space (no more than 300 words). You may include 1 or2 pictures of the space, however you CANNOT use pictures that have faces of otherpeople without their permission. You can use photoshop to blur faces or use promotionalbrochures or photos of the space available in the public domain).

3) Describe how users access and use the facility:a. How does one enter the building?b. How does a user communicate with customer service representative(s) (ifpresent)?c. How is the service itself accessed/used?d. What type of signage is used, how is it posted and where is it located?e. How does a user access the washroom?f. Consider all aspects of access, such as physical barriers, location, distances,timeliness, language and volume, and signage.

4) Consider the same questions from the perspective of 3 differing abilities (1 from each ofthe following 3 categories):a.

mobility limitation

(i.e. a wheelchair or scooter user, a person with crutches orwalking aids, etc.)b

. sensory impairmen

t (i.e. blind or low vision, Deaf or hard of hearing),c.

an intellectual disability

(i.e. an individual living with Autism or one who isneurodivergent.DIS 1003 – Fall 2023 5**remember to identify which specific limitations you are analyzing the space foraccommodation of in each of the 3 categories.

5) Identify elements that the facility has done well to accommodate as well as those thatwould need improvement.

6) What modifications would be required in order to provide equal and equitable access?Rubric:Description of the space and space usage 20%Identification of barriers and accommodations 45%(15% allotted for each of the 3 categories)Discussion of modifications 20%Writing style 15%(spelling, grammar, punctuation, appropriate language, APA format)

References and citations in this course will follow APA format. For all assignments, please use

APA formatting and style.

*This assignment does not need to be written in an essay style. A cover page is requested butyou do not require an abstract. You may use appropriate headings and point form, however,professional language (i.e. appropriate terminology, proper grammar, and full words, noshort forms.

REQUIRED TEXTSWatson, Nick, Alan Roulstone, and Carol Thomas, editors. Routledge Handbook of DisabilityStudies. New York: Routledge, 2020.Ebook TEXTAmerican Psychological Association. (2019). Publication Manual of the American PsychologicalAssociation (7th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.

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