Africana “Spiritual”

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You have heard many songs and seen many performances by African-American folk singers and performers who have sung the Christian hymns that are referred to as “spirituals” or “negro spirituals.”

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A) Find a video of a hymn or spiritual on YouTube that you find particularly compelling and post it on your ePortfolio. *Upload video*

B) Discuss in on paragraph (5-6 sentences) why you find this song interesting or beautiful.

C) One of the performers interviewed in the documentary stated, “music opens the heavenly door.” Write another paragraph (5-6) sentences) about how this statement relates to the Sufi ethos we learned about in the first segment of this course? Is singing or musical performance a form of an “altered state of consciousness?” Can a song or music help human beings communicate with the World of the Spirit (God)?

D) Write short final paragraph of 5-6 sentences on how the singing and sermons by African Americans demonstrate the power of African-American orality in communication, record-keeping, historical memory, inspiration, building solidarities, and ensuring security from 1800-1969.

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