analyzing each argument in the emails, writing homework help

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Write a few paragraphs analyzing each argument in the emails. Identify places in the emails which successfully applied rational thought and logic and why it is important to do so when making a decision. Also point out the role emotion played in their arguments. Finally, state who you think “won” the argument, focusing on the importance of logic in an argument in your response.

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Email # 1

Mrs. Rose

We are currently on our 5th bi-annual business function which is congratulatory by itself. I have a few concerns on the way we have approached things. As the lead of this party committee i firmly believe we should not make our employees pay a “firm fee” just so we can accommodate these events. They already have to buy a ticket just to attend. We should look at this another way. I feel we should do 1 of 2 things. We should make the functions free to attend or cease the “firm fee”. Collecting an amount of money depending on how long the individual worked for us just to supply these events would be fine if they also did not have to pay for the ticket as well. It would be for the greater good and probably increase participation. We have a very lucrative business as it seems and could spare some money for the accommodation’s. Employees paying twice a month just for extra funds for events seems just a tad bit to much at times. I collect the money regularly as scheduled and nobody complains to me just yet. Please get back as soon as you can so we can discuss further details.


The lead party committee team

Email #2

Dear Second Shift,

The expectation that you, as a group, have developed that all work areas must be completely clean at shift change, has long been something with which I have found grievance. The purpose of having a second shift is to continue the work progress accomplished by the first shift. Therefore, it is counter-intuitive to expect the first shift to stop working early to clean if it is not required due to the nature of the work being done. Having to clean workstations and throw away a small amount of trash usually requires the first shift to stop work a half an hour or more before shift change. I would be reasonable to expect the first shift to clean up any big messes before entering shift change, but to complain about the smallest amount of debris left behind has reached an extremely petty level. Furthermore, gathering up the apparently offensive garbage and leaving a note labeled “first shift” is not an effective solution, for as you should know, there is no guarantee that a person will be assigned to the same work area from one day to the next. Actions such as these only serve to create further hostility between first and second shift. There is no expectation from first shift that second shift set up the work area for the next day of work, so why should the work area be cleaned as if it will no longer be in use if that is not the case? Spending time cleaning trivial messes takes valuable time away from completing work related tasks.

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