Annotated bib and project proposal

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Project proposal length: 350 words minimum

Annotated bibliography sources (Draft): 6

Annotated bibliography sources (Final): 8

Style guidelines: MLA

Due: 10/11


This assignment requires you to explore and evaluate current research related to your research question. You will survey and analyze the variety of sources you have found developing your research question and completing the previous ILPs. As you conduct more research throughout the semester, you will add additional bibliographic entries to this assignment. The first draft of the annotated bibliography must include at least 6 sources, while your final draft must have 10 sources total. MLA format requires your citations to be in alphabetical order, by the first word in the citation.

Annotated Bibliography:

Your sources should include:

  • At least three (3) scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.
  • At least two (2) contemporary periodicals (credible newspapers/websites)
  • At least one (1) non-text-based source, such as a Ted Talk, YouTube video, Podcast, etc.

Selecting good sources is important for this assignment. In order to select good sources, you will need to read through more than 6 periodicals and articles. Do not simply take the first few articles you can find. Remember, you are trying to select sources that can address your research question, not merely sources that are related to your “topic.” Putting the time into finding good sources now will save you effort later on in the semester.

For each source, write a proper MLA citation and an annotation that:

  1. Summarizes the central claim and major evidence of the source (1-2 sentences).
  2. Assesses the credibility, relevance, timing, and bias of the source (1-2 sentences).
  3. Reflects on the suitability, utility, or applicability of the source for your project (1 sentence) (If you have a difficult time answering this, you should find a new source).

Project Proposal (350 words minimum):

After you have completed gathering your initial 6 sources, you will write a project proposal that explains your research project. Using all of the sources you have annotated, you will outline the positions and conversations surrounding your argument, and develop a detailed thesis as a preliminary answer to your research question. You should not merely “parrot” or “mirror” the conclusion of a single source. Instead, you should address how you plan on using each of your sources together to put forward an initial answer to your research question. You do not need to revise the project proposal for your final draft; you are only required to add 4 additional annotations to your bibliography. These additions should adhere to the requirements listed above.

The TOPIC is–Immigration in the United States

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