Answer my DB question

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I need 2 different answers for these questions including resources

the writing structure is

simple grammar and vocabulary ( ELS student )

Question 1

Describe the regulatory drivers (in terms of legislative initiatives) behind the development of emergency management programs, as reviewed in this week’s readings.

Question 2

In anticipation of next week’s reading, starting with your local community, identify each Emergency Management Agency /Governmental Authority linked in the chain to the Department of Homeland Security / Office of the President for the Declaration of a Disaster and provision of Federal Assistance. NOTE – International Students may choose one if the following American cities. Note – Only one student may focus on any given city, so please let me know via email which one you choose I will then post a list of choices, so you can see which ones are taken.

Chicago, IL

Des Moines, IA

Birmingham, Al

Orlando, FL

Cincinnati, OH

Pittsburgh, PA

Burlington, VT

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