Answer project builder response questions from instructor, and start on draft of project 1

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Once you have conducted your research and analysis, compose a 750-1000 word research guide that

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includes the following information:

Swales’ six characteristics of discourse communities as a heuristic that organizes the

information you’ve gathered and formats the guide for easy reference

A definition of the discourse community in terms of its “common public goals” as understood

both by a practicing member as well as any professional organizations associated with the

specific discourse community.

At least three major communicative practices used by members of the discourse community

to accomplish the above goals.

A list of prominent “participatory mechanisms” or venues where members publish, share, and

discuss information. This includes the field’s major journals, conferences, databases, and

other forums for important conversations in the discipline.

A description of significant “mechanisms of intercommunication” or genres typically used by

members of the discourse community to share, discuss, and critique new disciplinary

information. This section should include specific examples, not just broad categories like

“articles” or “websites” or general statements of topics like “issues in medicine.” Thus,



genre described, students should reference a specific example and briefly highlight the

major issues or topics addressed by the specific “mechanism” under review.

A description of contemporary major topics of conversation as well as any significant changes

in your chosen field of study that have taken place over the last 5-10 years. This section

should also identify a short list of the most important terms, acronyms, and key words that

make up the disciplinary vernacular.

2-3 of your own research questions about the contemporary major topics of your discourse

community (as identified above). These questions and their revisions will continue to drive

your research over the course of the semester.

A bibliographic list of all pertinent resources you have uncovered during your search (even

if uncited), using the citation method appropriate to the field.

Learning Objectives


Use primary and secondary research methods to discover key disciplinary or professional

genres, research methods, organizations, topics, etc.


Describe key communicative practices using concrete evidence and examples from research.

Compose research questions that follow from this analysis and description.

Work through careful revision and editing based on peer and teacher feedback and the

student’s own review of and reflection on a draft.

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