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Assessing the mastery of a skill is an important part of any lesson. Many fundamental motor skills are combined to create the more complex motor skills. If a fundamental skill is not mastered, it will affect the development of other skills as well.

In this discussion forum you will explain how you would observe, document, and assess a fundamental motor skill. Choose a fundamental motor skill that you will assess. It can be a skill previously discussed in this course or one that has not been discussed.

First, provide a brief explanation of the skill and activity used to practice the skill. List all of the aspects of the skill that you will be looking for during the lesson, including the student’s body and space awareness and quality of movement (e.g., balance, movement from one place to another, moving more than one body part at a time).

Then, discuss how you plan to observe and document during the lesson.

Finally, include a rubric that you have created to assess the mastery of this skill. You can find a guide for assistance with rubrics here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..Hello Classmates!


I have included a section of Requirement Tips for Week 3, Discussion 2 (below) for my initial post. You may view “all of Requirement Tips for Week 3 in the Announcement section; also attached to this initial post!

Because I want you to succeed in learning key concepts for our Discussion, I included “tips” for meeting the specific criteria presented in our instructions (Go to Modules, Click Week 3-Discussion 2).

Weekly Requirement Tips are unique to my courses. I developed them after receiving classmate’s feedback regarding the numerous resources for each week:

Week OverviewLearning ResourcesInstructor GuidanceIndividual instructions for the Discussions, Journal and Assignment

Although appreciative of the resources, classmates feared overlooking one of the valuable resources and missing key concepts for the learning week. Thus, I created Requirement Tips; and all-in-one document that helps ensure resources are not overlooked!

More information about Requirement Tips can be read in the Announcements (look for Requirement Tips for Weekly Discussions, Journals and Assignments).

Tips for this week:

After reviewing the above resources, you are ready to develop your initial post!

Click on “Week 3 Discussion 2” to access the specific instructions and required criteria.Address each of the required criteria highlighted in red below (ensuring we address key content).

Instructor Guidance- “An assessment is an evaluation of children’s development in the areas of physical, communication, cognitive, social emotional and self-help”.

Required Criteria:

Choose a fundamental motor skill that you will assess

Choose ONE of the skills listed below for this discussion.Renae’s sample: Run

Fundamental Motor Skills List

Locomotor (Chapter 5)

Nonlocomotor (Chapter 5)

Manipulative (Chapter 6)



Underhand and overhand throw






Dribble with hands or feet



Kick and Punt






Striking-short or long handled instruments




Provide a brief explanation of the skill

Renae’s sample: “Running is one of the earliest skills in which children develop competency” (Hastie, 2012). A skilled runner performs with a high knee lift, powerful arm action that work in opposition to the legs and use their toes.

Because running is used in a variety of physical activities, assessment of this skill should be done early on. After children have mastered the skill of running, they will have opportunities for gaining health benefits (prevention of disease, losing weight, boosting confidence, relieving stress, etc.)

Provide a brief explanation of the activity used to practice the skill

Renae’s sample: To ensure students learn the proper progression of the fundamentals for running, cues (listed in Chapter 5 of our text) will be used to teach and practice running. Students will run to one end of the activity area and back with a focus on:

Looking up and forwardDriving the arms strongKeeping the arms upRunning on toes

List all the aspects of the skill that you will be looking for during the lesson

Renae’s sample: Hastie lists the following cues in Chapter 5 for teaching purposes (Hastie, 2012):

Look up and forwardDrive the arms strongKnees upRun on your toes

Include the student’s body and space awareness and quality of movement

Chapter 5Renae’s sample:Body awareness–arms, knees and toesSpace awareness-moving in general and self-space safelyQuality of movement-the cues stated earlier will determine the excellence of student’s performance

Discuss how you plan to observe and document your skill during the lesson

Instructor Guidance link-Developmental Screening and Assessment (Questionnaire, Inventory, Checklist, Interview, Videotape, Rating Scale, Survey).Renae’s sample: I will be using a checklist to document whether or not students are mastering each of the cues listed. A checklist will enable me to observe and document a multitude of students during the activity. When each cue is mastered, one would conclude that the student has mastered the skill of running.

Student Name

Look up and forward

Drive arms strong

Knees up

Run on toes

Renae Buss



Include a rubric that you have created to assess the mastery of this skill

Instructions (Modules, Click Week 3-Discussion 2)-Refer to the link to the guide for assistance with rubrics.Renae’s sample:Categories are the cues (Hastie, 2012)Performance levels-advanced, average and needs improvementDescriptive descriptions for each performance level to determine whether or not student is mastering the skill.

Student Name:




Needs Improvement

Look up and forward

Student consistently looks up and forward.

Student looks up and forward most of the time.

Student does not look up or forward.

Drive arms strong

Student drives their arms strong.

Student drives arms strong, but is inconsistent.

Student does not drive arms.

Knees up

Student brings knees up.

Student brings knees up, but is inconsistent.

Student does not bring knees up.

Run on toes

Student runs on their toes.

Student runs on their toes, but is inconsistent.

Student does not run on toes.

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