Assignment #1: Innovative Technology Paper Section #1: Technology DescriptionGeneral Instructions The purpose of this course paper is to provide you with an opportunity to examine in-depth, a curre

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Assignment #1:  Innovative Technology Paper  Section #1:  Technology DescriptionGeneral Instructions

The purpose of this course paper is to provide you with an opportunity to examine in-depth, a current or emerging innovative technology with application to clinical practice, health professional or patient education, or healthcare research and quality.  You will complete this paper in three sections:  Section #1:  technology description, section #2:  literature review/synthesis, and section #3:  the final course paper.  Each section will be additive, incorporating instructor feedback from the completed assignments while adding to your paper with each section, culminating with the submission of your final course paper.

For assignment #1, the first section, you will select an innovative technology that will be the focus of your final course paper.  When selecting a technology, you might consider one that could be related to either your DNP project or that could inform your future advanced nursing practice. For this assignment, you will be writing an introduction to your paper along with a short description of the innovative technology that you have selected as the topic for your final paper.  This assignment represents the first section of your final course paper.   The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with feedback about your selected topic to ensure the scope is appropriate and feasible for your final paper and provide you with instructor feedback related to both the content of the assignment and your professional writing.  Any feedback you receive from this assignment is expected to be incorporated into your next submission (Assignment #2).  For this assignment, you will be submitting the following components :

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  1. Introduction – please include a brief introduction (no more than one paragraph) introducing your technology and the purpose of your paper (note:  this introduction may evolve before your final submission).
  2. Description of Technology – please provide a description of your selected technology.  The description should include the following elements:

    • Relevant definition
    • A complete description of the technology, including any supporting hardware required for its use.
    • A description of its application to clinical practice, education (health professional / patient education), or research/quality.  The description of the technology’s application should align with the focus of your paper (including the focus of your literature review).

Note:  Your assignment (the first section of your paper) is to be formatted following the below guidelines.  Three examples of final course papers can be found in Module 9: Trends and Issues

Formatting Instructions

  1. Specifications: MS Word file with .docx tag, font Times/Times New Roman 12 pt, double spaced, 1” margins, page numbers
  2. Required paper sections:

    1. Title page – title, your name, and credentials, institution (UCF CON) date
    2. Abstract – placeholder for your final paper

      • Note:  While APA 7th edition does not require an abstract for student papers, I am playing my instructor card and requiring an abstract for this paper:).  Writing an abstract is an acquired skill, one you will use in future scholarly work (e.g., DNP final project announcement, abstracts for conference presentations, and publications).
    3. Body

      • Please use the following headings to organize your paper:

        • Introduction
        • Description of Technology

4.  References – formatted in APA 7th ed. style; separate from the main body of your paper.

C.  Pagination – not to exceed 3 – double spaced pages (excluding title page, abstract placeholder, and references)

D.  APA 7th Ed. formatting

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