Below are is all the information that you need to do the calculations and determine the metrics behind the investment.

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Market rent                      $30/sf  for gross leases

$22/sf for net leases

Growth rate                      3% annually for everything

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Rent Roll

Tenant        SF           Rent/yr /sf         Stop        Lease Start Mo.       Term     Steps

Tenant A      25,000       $33.00         BY $9.40/sf        1                10 yrs       3%/year

Tenant B      30,000       $27.00          BY $8.50/sf         1                   8 yrs     $32/sf in yr 5

Tenant C     35,000      $20.00               Net               1                    3 yrs         N/A

Tenant       10,000       $30.00          BY $10.00/sf         13                10 yrs   36 in month 67


Base year (BY) The tenant will pay for expenses that have risen to a level above their expense stop. Net leases have a stop of zero, so they pay all reimbursable expense.

Tenants A, B and D are modified gross with expenses passed through over a base year while tenant C is Net.

Vacancy/Credit Loss             5% of PGI

Expense Category           Expense per foot

Taxes                                  $ 5.00/sf

R&M                                   $ 1.00/sf

Insurance                          $ 0.25/sf

Utilities                              $ 2.00/sf

Payroll                                $ 0.85/sf

Security                              $ 0.50/sf

G&A                                    $ 0.40/sf

Total Reimbursable               $10.00/sf

Non Reimbursable

Management                        3% of EGI

Assume zero rollover possibility. Downtime (vacancy at end of lease) 6 months

Total Capital at rollover 25/sf growing at inflation

From the above information, you should be able to do proforma.

Reversion                         7.5%

Discount Rate                   10.0%

Term                                5 years

Amortization                   30 years

Rate                                4% rate

LTV                                  70%

a proforma for a five-year hold aggregating the cash flows from each lease.


  • Value
  • IRR
  • Cash flow after debt Service
  • Cash on Cash Return
  • Debt service coverage Ratio
  • Leveraged IRR
  • Debt Yield
  • Break-even ratio

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