Case Study: Havasupai Tribe vs. Arizona State University link to video; PROMPT: Imagine that you are on the research ethics

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Case Study:

Havasupai Tribe vs. Arizona State University

link to video;

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Imagine that you are on the research ethics consultation service that must write a report for the case that you picked. This report will be available to the researchers, the IRB, and potentially the research participants.

Your report for the case study should be structured with the following 4 required components:

  1. Ethical Challenge/Reason for Consult: Identify the chief ethical question that is at the heart of the case. (10 pts)
  2. Background: Introduce and summarize the case scenario in a narrative in your own words: This should include a description of the particular details and facts that are critical to the case. (20 pts)
  3. Analysis: Using the ethical concepts that have been introduced throughout the class, provide an argument for at least TWO opposing responses to the chief ethical question. (40 pts)
  4. Recommendation: You should offer a recommended resolution to the chief question that you have identified. This resolution can either take the form of advocating ONE of the opposing responses over the other or in the form of offering a way to compromise between the two opposing responses. Your recommendation should include a justification for WHY you are taking this position. (30 pts)

What to Include:

  • Compose your report as a single document and upload it as a file.
  • You must cite at least two readings from this unit in your discussion [not including the articles that were assigned for the case].
  • The report should be around 2000 words.
  • Include a Word Count.
  • Include a bibliography.


The following resources will be helpful for producing work within the genre proposed by this assignment.

  • Here is an example in the attached files (de-identified) of a real research ethics consultation  Download Here is an example (de-identified) of a real research ethics consultation report that instructor wrote while on consultation service at NIH Center for Bioethics. Your report should be around 2000 words, so this report is longer than what I expect from you. However, you can see the way that these reports are written to help guide your own writing.

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