Christianity in the World

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Unit 5 Christianity in the World

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In a minimum of 250 words and 2 scholarly sources answer the following question, and APA format.

For the final Discuss post, please reflect on what you have learned regarding any of the topics covered from Units 1-5. Identify at least three insights that summarize and illustrate either what you have learned or how your perspectives have changed in light of this course. Are there any useful lessons or relevant insights for your educational or professional career?

Please keep it mind that even though this is a “what have you learned” discussion, there is still a requirement of two references.


Answer the following questions in a minimum for 1200 words for the whole section and at least 3 scholarly sources in APA format.

  1. In appropriate depth and detail, and utilizing scholarly references, compare and contrast the religion of Christianity with the religion of Islam.
  2. In appropriate depth and detail, and utilizing scholarly references, explain some of the reasons why the Islamic faith is the fastest growing religion in the world and why this religion has spread so effectively.

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