compile the elements (measurement, ownership, communication, change management, and workload) ****( see attached paper)**** into a presentation that you would present to the stakeholders of your propo

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compile the elements (measurement, ownership, communication, change management, and workload) ****( see attached paper)**** into a presentation that you would present to the stakeholders of your proposed quality and/or safety sustainability program.

Develop a PowerPoint presentation (10-15 slides) to present your final sustainability plan.

Create speaker notes of 100-250 words for each slide

.  include introduction and reference slide in the (10-15)

Include the following:

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  1. Describe one or two measures that are critical to the sustainability of your proposed quality and/or safety sustainability program and decide on the data collection and monitoring process. Additionally, discuss whether you will reduce or eliminate the frequency of specific measurements.
  2. Describe a measurement threshold that will trigger an investigation.
  3. Describe the owner of the improvement process who authorizes changes and will be responsible for sustaining improvement.
  4. Outline a communication and training plan for improvements and learning. Consider who needs to know what, when, and how often they need to know it, what communication method would work best, and who the best person is for initiating communication or sharing information.
  5. Identify a change management theory that you will use to standardize the process to support the improved process.
  6. Explain how the proposed changes will affect staff workload. Ideally, the improvement has removed work and made people’s jobs easier and more efficient. Changes that decrease workload have a higher chance of success over time.

compile the elements (measurement, ownership, communication, change management, and workload) ****( see attached paper)**** into a presentation that you would present to the stakeholders of your propo
Sustainability Plan Worksheet An improvement team needs to consider the long-term sustainability of an improvement effort. This worksheet will help you outline the elements needed for a sustainability plan for your proposed evidenced-based quality and/or safety program design by taking you through a series of questions. By answering these questions, you will be able to develop a plan to ensure the longevity of the expected improvements from your proposed quality and/or safety program stick long-term. For each category, use the questions provided to help you draft the necessary components that will be needed in a sustainability plan. Use one or two concise sentences to inform on each bullet point/question. Provide scholarly and peer-reviewed support accordingly. Areas for Consideration Detailed Plan Measurement After project completion: What will you continue to measure? What will you stop measuring? What will you do if you see a negative effect? What will you do if you see the clinical significance, but no statistical significance? I will continue measuring stakeholder satisfaction. Measuring stakeholder satisfaction through third-party certification, inspection processes, and standards compliance will ensure the project continues to provide the highest standard of care possible (Newhouse, 2020). This measure will determine whether or not patients are receiving the high-quality care they expect and deserve after the completion of the project (Brooks-Carthon et al., 2019) I will stop measuring the incremental milestones because they will be less significant after the completion of the project. If I see a negative effect, I will review the effect and focus on making changes to achieve the preferred outcome. I will thus engage others to ensure brainstorming to make everyone’s voice heard in a prompt and professional manner to address the negative effect (Nguyen & Nagase, 2021). If I see a clinical significance but not a statistical significance, I will take note of it for further studies because it has an impact on clinical practice. Having clinical significance reflects that the project has an impact on clinical practice (Ranganathan et al., 2015). Ownership Who will own the new process that was implemented? How will you tell if the person is engaged and on board with the improvement process? The new process that will be implemented will be owned by the stakeholders. The stakeholders for the project will include the patients, families, caregivers, providers, staff, and administrators. In order to determine if the person is engaged and on board with the improvement process, I will assess 360-degree feedback. This will provide invaluable insights into the effectiveness of the onboarding process (O’Neil, 2020) Communication How will you communicate about the change and who will be the messenger? When will communication take place? How will you support individuals in the new process? What type of training will you use after project completion? Who will be responsible for that training? I will communicate the change by informing the stakeholders of the significance of the change and their roles in implementing the change to meet the set expectations. The messenger will be the change agents or change champions. Communication will occur regularly to control the fears or uncertainties due to the change. To support individuals in the new process, all stakeholders will be informed where they can get support and allowing them to share their views as individuals and as groups. Building a rapport and actively listening could also help to support the individuals during the new process. The type of training that will be used after project completion will be the refresher process. Refresher training will help to refresh the knowledge of the employees for shorter durations by attending short courses to cope with the requirements of the new process (Sullivan et al., 2019). The Human Resource (HR) Department will be responsible for training the employees Change Management How will you respond to resistance/barriers to change (“But this is how we have always done things.”) How would you use your evidence-based change model to ensure adoption and sustainability? How will you standardize the process so that it is easy to do the “new” right thing? I will respond to resistance/barriers to change, I will ensure that the employees undergo adequate training on ways to work in a team-based care model (VanVactor, 2018). Training will help to address the concerns of the employees and inform them of the benefits of implementing the project. The evidence-based change model will be used to ensure the adoption and sustainability of the project by following through with evidence-based steps to guide the implementation of the project. The care model will also help to motivate the stakeholders and address concerns using evidence-based steps. I will standardize the process so that it is easy to do the “new” right thing by refreezing the new processes into the organizational culture (Burnes & Bargal, 2017). Workload Is the change increasing the overall workload of the system? If so, how can you decrease the workload? If not, how will you communicate about what is changing and not changing? The change will increase the overall workload of the system because of the increased tasks intended to improve patient satisfaction. This may promote turnover intentions, absenteeism, and poor job performance because of low morale and burnout (Smith, 2018). To decrease the workload, some of the administrative tasks can be automated. Automating tasks will take off most of the administrative tasks from the nurses’ plates which will allow the nurses to spend more time providing higher-quality care to the patients (Kangasniemi et al., 2019). Adapted from “Sustainability Planning Worksheet” by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (2019). References Brooks-Carthon, J., Kutney-Lee, A., Sloane, D., Cimiotti, J., & Aiken, L. (2019). Quality of care and patient satisfaction in hospitals with high concentrations of black patients. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, no-no. Burnes, B., & Bargal, D. (2017). Kurt Lewin: 70 Years on. Journal of Change Management, 17(2), 91-100. Kangasniemi, M., Karki, S., Colley, N., & Voutilainen, A. (2019). The use of robots and other automated devices in nurses’ work: An integrative review. International journal of nursing practice, 25(4), e12739. Newhouse, R. (2020). Selecting measures for safety and quality improvement initiatives. JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration, 36(3), 109-113. Nguyen, T., & Nagase, K. (2021). Patient satisfaction and loyalty to the healthcare organization. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, 15(4), 496-515. O’Neil, M. J. (2020). The case for mentorship and coaching in military formations. Feedback, 6(2). Ranganathan, P., Pramesh, C. S., & Buyse, M. (2015). Common pitfalls in statistical analysis: Clinical versus statistical significance. Perspectives in clinical research, 6(3), 169. Smith, D. S. (2018). Workplace Stress and Absenteeism, Turnover, and Employee Performance in the Ship-repair Industry: A Case Study (Doctoral dissertation, Northcentral University). Sullivan, A., Elshenawy, S., Ades, A., & Sawyer, T. (2019). Acquiring and maintaining technical skills using simulation: initial, maintenance, booster, and refresher training. Cureus, 11(9). VanVactor, J. (2018). Leveraging the patient‐centered medical home (PCMH) model as a health care logistics support strategy. Leadership in Health Services, 26(2), 95-106. © 2022. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.

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