Do an Assignment that Will Evaluate Your Business Communication Skills

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Business Communication Evaluation – Spring–Writing
Assignment #3

The purpose of this assignment is to assess
your business communication negative messaging skills.

All Sections
Due: Monday, March 10, 2014 before 11:59 pm. 


You are the
HR Manager of a 3700 employee company. You have recently been asked by an
employee to address a body odor issue of a coworker.

Part I – Written Evaluation

You will
need to draft a targeted memo (email) that addresses the body odor issue.

Your communication should follow the following framework:


Bad news

Reasons for the bad news; explanations; necessary details

Positive close


When you
present your information, I will be evaluating your ability to give a negative message while
using a positive tone.

Due Date

assignment is due Monday, March 10, 2014 no later than 11:59pm. Failure to meet
the deadline results in a zero.

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