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Use 3 outside sources

Include a Works Cited page, however short, at the end of your document, following your last paragraph

Use MLA style in your quoting and paraphrasing.

Have a workable thesis statement

The topic is the Romantic Poets

You must choose at least 3 writers from the Romantic period.

The writers you can choose from include Keats, Blake, Shelley, Coleridge, and Wordsworth.

The poems you can choose from are

Shelley “Ode to the West Wind”

Blake “London”, “songs of innocence”,”The echoing green””Holy Thursday”,”The Chimney Sweeper” “The lamb” “the Garden of Love” ” The Tyger” “The Chimney Sweeper” “The sick Rose”

Keats “The Autumn” ” On first looking” ” Ode on a Grecian” “ode to Nightingale”

Coleridge “Frost at midnight” “kubla Khan” “Metrical Feet”

Wordsworth ” “I wandered lonely” “nuns fret not” ” She dwelt” “The world is too much”

The format is Times New Roman, Double-space, 12 pt. font type.

You are graded on the following:

Research: use of sources to support your thesis

Incorporation of MLA style

Grammar, syntax, punctuation


Thesis statement


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