Essay on Household Dynamics Write a 1-2 page paper discussing your family (either your current family with your partner, if applicable, or your family growing up) in terms of what you’ve learned in th

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Essay on Household Dynamics

Write a 1-2 page paper discussing your family (either your current family with your partner, if applicable, or your family growing up) in terms of what you’ve learned in this unit. Is your family patriarchal, matriarchal, or egalitarian? How do you think gender roles influence how you divide household responsibilities? If your relationship or your parents’ relationship is a same-sex relationship, how do you think this differentiates that relationship from mixed-gender households/partnerships?

Genogram Assignment1. Develop a genogram:2. Creating Your Own Genogram:All families are unique. A genogram will allow you to map family patterns andrelationships across different generations. Family structures are identifiedallowing you to identify patterns and behaviors within different families.Genograms are useful when working with families and individuals in the socialsciences field. Genograms allow everyone to look at the information in a newway.3. Directions:a. The genogram needs to include at least 3 generations. Make sure you list all familymembers on both maternal and paternal sides. You will want to do some researchand ask family members to assist you with gathering all of the information you willneed.b. You need to begin the genogram with yourself. Use the symbol sheetsprovided and watch the videos provided to assist you in completing yourgenogram.c. Make sure you provide data in your genogram that identifies names, ages,location, occupations, level of education, health status, and date or cause ofdeaths.d. Next place your parents on your genogram. If your parents are divorced, addtheir date of divorce or separation, current spouses and date of marriage, andother relevant statistics. Also include your parents’ siblings.e. Next add your grandparents and their siblings. Add the same information thatyou added for your parents.f. You will then add extended family members making sure to indicate their rrelationships within the family.g. Include any patterns you find related to emotional issues, health problems,mental illness, substance abuse, etc.h. Write a two to three-page narrative essay describing your family genogram.Issues that should be addressed in this narrative:i Define what family means to you and how your definitioninfluenced the completion of your genogram.ii Next describe your genogram in detail explaining the use ofsymbols and other markings. Identify what you have learned bycompleting your genogram about your family. Please provide alegend with the symbols used in your genogram.iii Finally, explain how the use of a genogram could assist you as aprofessional working in the social sciences field.Genogram’s Symbols:

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