Examine a decision making model

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Acquire and read
a scholarly/academic article that examines a decision making model and tools
that are used in the process of decision-making.

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Prepare a 1-2 page paper that explains a model for effective
decision making and how this approach will impact the current business strategy
for Conscious Capitalism.

Title page running head and page numbers across form the running head then an abstract should include an overview of the article. Always state the purpose of the paper/memo for the reader. Next, present the body of the paper with clear concise statements and links to the concepts in the article readings along with appropriate citations for each assignment. Then conclude with a summary of the key points and your personal thoughts. Before you write the paper pick out key thoughts from the readings in the articles and make an outline for the paper. Then frame key concepts ideas you took away from the readings and develop them. You can use the Mind Mapping Technique for developing outlines if you are looking for a source.


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