feedback to at least two classmates

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please provide feedback to at least two classmates. When providing feedback, please ignore issues of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Instead, focus on addressing the following, more global, areas:

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1) Consider the resume content and organization. In what ways does the resume highlight education, jobs, experiences? Where might the resume need to be re-organized to better call attention to education, jobs, skills, and/or experiences?

2) Consider the overall design of the resume. In what ways are the principles of design (C.R.A.P.) being considered? Where might design improve? How might design help to highlight important aspects of the resume?

Your responses should be about 100 words each.

1.My resume is ordered in a mostly chronological manner. By using the headings provided in the book; I identified key facts about myself by using the dynamic words. In the finance industry, hiring managers look for applicants with leadership skills, personal and professional relationship building, and relevant job experience.

My chronological resume separates these skills out into sections, and concisely communicates my past experiences that qualify me for the position. I recently condensed the information into bullet points from paragraphs as I realize this would be how someone in the finance industry would look for information. I designed my resume to be attention grabbing with the color red and my name/initials being bold at the top. The left margin contains a short about me section that I may revise to look like the assignment we completed in class.

When I attended the Accounting/Finance job fair on campus; my resume was a good talking point for the companies present. Using my experiences as talking points is also a good way to showcase effective concise writing, and oral communication skills. This is key as the finance industry relies heavily on employees that can carry on a personal-feeling conversation with someone they just met.

2.Attached is the draft of my resume! I had my resume previously, changed around the order of some of the headings to have it align with a chronological resume.

The content included in my resume is all of my experiences from the time that I started working to where I am in my life right now. I feel like all of this content is necessary because it describes all of my experiences and allows a lot of conversations starters throughout the resume. I have been told that you do not need a summary or background section to begin your resume if you have enough useful information to fill that section, and I feel like having that instead of what I have would be less useful. I organized it to have my work type experiences at the beginning of the resume to show them what I accomplished through my internship and how I was able to keep the same job for a long period of time. I went on from there to describe my collegiate baseball experience because this is something that can set me apart from other resumes as it is something different that not everyone can talk about. I than go to my education, skills, and awards, ending with a note that my references are available upon request.

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