first two assignment attached to the files to use Instructions: Be concise in your writing, you have limited space, so consider what you should, and what you should not include.Make reasoned argumen

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first two assignment attached to the files to use


  • Be concise in your writing, you have limited space, so consider what you should, and what you should not include.
  • Make reasoned arguments based on data, all assertions should be backed by research, the paper should contain correctly formatted citations and references, I would expect a citation for each major claim, and at least 2 of the references should be from peer reviewed journals.
  • Proofread the writing for any errors before the submission.
  • Avoid plagiarism, any direct quotations should be offset from the rest of the work, put in italics or quotes, and cited.
  • Please post your final paper here:
  • Questions, comments, shared research sources etc. can be posted here:

Back to the businesses you studied in the first couple of assignments again, you will re-use all your hard-won research on how they work, and the nature of their products, and marketing them.

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A friend of yours mentions that Salesforce.Com might be a great way to expand the internet sales process in your Uncle’s business, during the conversation another friend counters that Supply Chain Management is the way to go. Your Uncle is still trying to decide if he will or won’t implement the ERP that you worked on last time. As this is your part of the business to run, and you are comfortable with technology, this might be a great way to improve things, by using software in the workplace.

So, assume that you don’t have to deal with any software integrations, that your internet turnover is $250,000 per year, and that your selling revenue is twice your fully accounted product cost. In other words, assume that it costs $125,000 to manufacture the goods that you sell, including overhead, labor and raw materials, but excluding your sales and outbound logistics cost. Your uncle provides you labeled individual containers of cider or hatchlings, but you have to pay for packaging and shipping, and any other business costs. Also assume that your Uncle’s ability to flex production upwards is not a constraint, and that there are no restrictions on selling your products through the internet/delivery method you choose.

Research software, and other competing CRMs, Supply Chain Management Systems, and also consider ERP software that might support both approaches. Write a three-page business proposal that makes a case for implementing either CRM or SCM. If you choose an ERP package, buy/implement just the modules that you need for one or the other approach.

Specifically, make sure you have analyzed both approaches, and provide business/financial justification for the solution that helps your organization the most.

Given the complexities, I would strongly recommend that one reference that you should create is a one-page table that clearly shows the advantages and disadvantages of each approach for your business, including financial analysis.

(11 point font, single spaced, three page max, you can add one more page if you need to include references and diagrams/charts).

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