For Field Assignment #3, you will be using video observations. You may fin

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For Field Assignment #3, you will be using video observations. You may find them at this linkLinks to an external site.. You will need to watch two hours of videos, and list the videos at the top of your paper.

For this video observation, please fully address the following:

  • Based upon the philosophers and their thoughts on learning, child development, emotional development, etc., select one of those, and discuss how you either 1) see it displayed in the classroom; or 2) how you would use the knowledge within the classroom your observed.
  • Create a graph of the children in the classroom noting the following characteristics (based ONLY on your observation): race, ethnicity, language, ableism. Use numbers to represent the children. How will this have an impact in your future classroom? Did you see any obvious accommodations for any of this characteristics?
  • Select a book that would be a match for the classroom in the video.(think age group and content area). What diverse aspects can you find in the book? Is this book representative of the group of children you are observed? Why or why not? Is the information in the book representative of one of the philosophers (and their philosophies) that were discussed in this unit? If so, who? If not, what philosopher (philosophy) could have been used and why?

Be thorough with responses.

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