I have attached the short papers written for this course along with the RUBIC for this paper. Please see in the instructions for the paper. Select any of the health programs to evaluate. Thank you

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I have attached the short papers written for this course along with the RUBIC for this paper. Please see in the instructions for the paper. Select any of the health programs to evaluate.

Thank you for your help.


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Select any sexual health program that has been evaluated. In 3–4 pages, describe the project. What were the results of the evaluation of the project? What were future recommendations and implications for project?

 I have attached the short papers written for this course along with the RUBIC for this paper. Please see in the instructions for the paper. Select any of the health programs to evaluate. Thank you
Technology to Use and How to Promote Information on STSs By. Kristi Felch Cases of Sexually Transmitted Infections have increasingly been heard in young people. A study has shown that in twelfth grade, about 65% of the students in high school will have engaged in sexual intercourse and five of them, one might have more than four sexual partners, this became the reason why they are the target and the most vulnerable people to such infections like syphilis, gonorrhea, and others. After high school, the numbers continue to increase. Young people especially teenagers and young adults are caught up in the situation because of the make decisions and act in ways that put them in risks of getting STIs. Such young people are likely to have many sex partners, usually choose to engage in unprotected sex, most of them are exposed to drug and alcohol abuse and while under the influence of the drugs or alcohol, and they end up engaging in activities that make them vulnerable to contracting STIs. Coming up with statistics of how many STIs that are occurring among young people is not an easy task since many of the infections are silent with no noticeable symptoms. As a result, the only way to diagnose them is through testing. However, routine screening programs are not widespread to mean that no every teenager can access any, social stigma and lack of public awareness is another hindrance for open discussions between the health care nurses and the victims about the risk associated with the infections and why testing is essential. The young generation for this reason, therefore, have always bored a large portion of the burden of STIs. This will paper will talk about the technology, and the outlet used to give insights on STIs health problem to the young people which include creating a program with information to read and audios to listen to and using the blog to market it so that the target population can get information in the comfort of their homes. To help young people from suffering so much, I will create a blog that will major and round up all the issues related to STIs. In this platform, young people will get educated on matters concerning STIs and any questions they will have will be answered through the blog. The blog will open a platform where questions are received worldwide, and contributions from various experts on the issues are welcomed. While talking STIs can be beneficial since it is educative, but it is true that the infections come from having unprotected sex and that is why the blog will also involve discussions concerning condoms and their importance as well as when to use and not to use them. The blog will help young people talk freely without the fear of stigmatization from the society since there is no physical contact. Getting used to talking about sex and protection can help the young people open up to their doctors whenever they have problems on their sex life. The more sexual health matters are normalized, the more the victims become ready to open up and be honest about how they feel and the less they will fear other people’s reactions. Through the blog, young get the confidence and believe that even though STIs are transmitted sexually do not make them shameful. With the information and the knowledge, I have about the STIs, ways of contraction, symptoms and possible ways to prevent them, I will come with a product a pamphlet in nature but a small one containing brief and easy to understand information that touches on all the STIs that exist. The product will be designed to help the teenagers and young adults who are the vulnerable populations for such infections. The book will then be posted on the blog where the target population will have access to it for more information about how to live an STI free life. While some of the answers the young people will be looking at can be answered in the comment box of the blog, more information will be found in the book which will be good for those who would want to expand their knowledge about the infections. To promote this information, the product will be sold at a low price so that many young people will be capable of purchasing it. Also, since the product aims at changing how young people view STIs as well as learn to live healthy sexual lives, the product will offer a money back guarantee for the users who may feel they have not attained their expected results so after some specified to of use, one can request for their money back which will be refunded without any tussles or huddles. The audios from experts and experienced individuals will be a bonus especially to the users who do not like reading so much. Moreover, the product will be on the internet in a specific website indicated in the blog, and so the target population is assured of purchasing the right product. Works Cited Currie, Candace, et al. “Social determinants of health and well-being among young people.” Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) study: international report from the2010 (2009): 271. Kirby, Douglas B., B. A. Laris, and Lori A. Rolleri. “Sex and HIV education programs: their impact on sexual behaviors of young people throughout the world.” Journal of Adolescent Health 40.3 (2007): 206-217.


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