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Type your answers into a Word file and upload it into Canvas. 4 pts.

Suppose that two different network firewall software applications are being tested by a new small business. Two firewalls were tested, A and B. Suppose that over one month of time, the below types of spyware/malware were passed through onto the network by these firewalls. Answer the following questions.

Key Loggers



Trojan Horses

Firewall A





Firewall B





  • What percentage of all spyware/malware in this test was not captured by A.
  • Of the hijackers, what percentage were allowed by Firewall B.
  • If I chose a security issue at random, what is the probability that it was either a key logger or trojan horse.
  • If I chose a security issue at random, and given that it was not blocked by B, what is the probability that the issue not blocked by B was a cookie.

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