Locate a local business manager and discuss the value of location to their business

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CO1. Identify business problems that can be characterized as mathematical programming problems.
CO2. Use operations research and management science techniques to solve a variety of business problems.
CO3. Analyze management problems.
CO4. Evaluate the role of decision making models and tools in resolving these problems
CO5. Apply decision making techniques, concepts and methods.

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Your lesson this week takes you into the world of how and where to locate a business. Your assignment is to locate a local business manager who will discuss with you the value of location to their business. A good place to start is with businesses you frequent such as Doctors, Dentists, Insurance agents, retail outlets, local restaurants, or possibly your HVAC service manager. You will need to prepare a questionnaire with open-ended questions that solicit responses beyond yes or no. Another good place to start is with how to conduct an interview and a few YouTube resources are hyperlinked below that may help you with your questionnaire. Focus on answering the following questions as part of your questionnaire:

  1. The type of business and it’s products or services, the location (or locations) of the business and how long the business has been in existence?
  2. How has the current business location helped or hindered the organization’s business?
  3. f the owner had it to do over again, where would he locate his business?
  4. If the business needed a new or possibly a second location, what factors would the manager you are interviewing consider important in finding that location?

Interviewing resources:

Open and Closed Questions

Better Conversations with Open Ended Questions

Your post should be a minimum of 250 words


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