MGT 101 Exam 250 Unanswered Please be sure to save at least once every 15 minutes.

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MGT 101 Exam 250 Unanswered           Please be sure to save at least once every 15 minutes. If you leave this page without saving, or if your session times out, any answers you have not saved will be lost. The Submit for Grading button will become available once you’ve answered all questions. Exams are not timed; you do not have to finish an exam in one sitting as long as you have saved your answers.Q1. Management should never give rewards for the achievement of goals established by MBO.    a. true    b. falseQ2. Planners need not have significant practical experience within the organization if they have good human relations skills.    a. true    b. falseQ3. MBO programs increase the volume of paperwork in an organization.    a. true    b. falseQ4. Of the four primary management functions organizing usually precedes planning.    a. true    b. falseQ5. The principle of the objective is another name for management by objectives.    a. true    b. falseQ6. The process of determining how the management system will achieve its objectives is planning.    a. true    b. falseQ7. What an organization exists to do, given a particular group of customers and customer needs, is an organizational objective.    a. true    b. falseQ8. Management-by-objectives is only a valuable tool for profit-seeking organizations.    a. true    b. falseQ9. The overall organizational objectives and the subobjectives assigned to the various people or units of the organization is referred to as suboptimization.    a. true    b. falseQ10. One of the advantages of an MBO program is that it continually emphasizes what should be done in order for the organization to reach its goals.    a. true    b. falseQ11. Which management writer popularized management-by-objectives?    a. Peter Drucker    b. Henry Fayol    c. Abraham Maslow    d. Frederick Taylor    e. Tom PetersQ12. Managers should establish objectives for employees that are in easy reach.    a. true    b. falseQ13. A key element of any MBO program is top management support and commitment.    a. true    b. falseQ14. An organizational decision-maker who is willing to steal the ideas necessary to make good decisions has what type of decision-making orientation?    a. hoarding    b. market-oriented    c. receptive    d. ideal    e. exploitativeQ15. Implementation of the chosen alternative is the final step in the decision-making process.    a. true    b. falseQ16. The broader the scope of the decision, the higher the level of management responsible for it.    a. true    b. falseQ17. Which of the following is the final step in the decision-making process?    a. take action    b. implement the selected alternative    c. select the most beneficial alternative    d. gather feedback to find out if the problem is solved    e. identify organizational objectivesQ18. Expected value equals the income that an alternative would produce times the probability of producing that income.    a. true    b. falseQ19. Not all managerial decisions are of equal significance to the organization.    a. true    b. falseQ20. ________ is also known as using simple rules of thumb to make decisions.    a. Intuition    b. Heuristic    c. Bounded rationality    d. SatisficingQ21. A group decision process in which negative feedback on any suggested alternative is forbidden until all members have presented alternatives is called brainstorming.    a. true    b. falseQ22. In the decision-making process, it is important to accurately identify an existing problem prior to listing the possible alternatives for solving the problem.    a. true    b. falseQ23. Which of the following is the second step in the decision making process model?    a. Gather feedback    b. Identify the existing problem    c. Select the most beneficial of alternatives    d. List possible alternatives for solving the problemsQ24. Most organizational decisions are made under conditions of complete certainty.    a. true    b. falseQ25. In the Nominal Group Technique, group members never meet face to face.    a. true    b. falseQ26. Decision makers who have a receptive orientation believe that the source of all good is outside themselves, and therefore rely heavily on suggestions from other organizational members.    a. true    b. falseQ27. According to the BCG Growth-Share Matrix, economic resources would be used from which of the following to meet the financial demands of the organization in other areas?    a. hippopotamus    b. dog    c. question mark    d. star    e. cash cowQ28. Porter’s Model for Industry Analysis outlines the primary forces that determine competitiveness within an industry and illustrates how those forces are related.    a. true    b. falseQ29. Strategic implementation is the last step of the strategy management process.    a. true    b. falseQ30. ________ is the science that focuses on understanding how people of a particular nation produce, distribute, and use various goods and services.    a. Demographics    b. Sociology    c. Environmental analysis    d. EconomicsQ31. ________ is a strategy adopted by management to increasing the amount of business that an SBU is currently generating.    a. Divestiture    b. Retrenchment    c. Growth    d. DifferentiationQ32. Tactical planning is long-range planning that emphasizes the current operations of various parts of the organization.    a. true    b. falseQ33. The ________ component is that part of the general environment that contains passed legislation.    a. Political    b. Legal    c. Economic    d. SocialQ34. Question marks in the BCG Growth-Share Matrix are businesses with a high market share in a slowly growing market.    a. true    b. falseQ35. If an organization wanted to determine if it was achieving its goals or whether the level of progress was satisfactory, which critical question should be asked?    a. where is the organization presently going?    b. what does our SWOT analysis show?    c. what are the purposes and objectives of the organization?    d. what can be done to better achieve organizational goals in the future?    e. in what kind of environment does the organization now exist?Q36. ________ is the purpose for which an organization exists.    a. Organizational strategies    b. Organizational policies    c. Organizational missions    d. Organizational objectivesQ37. The commitment principle is a management guideline that advises managers to totally commit themselves to strategic planning.    a. true    b. falseQ38. The different components of the general environment for an organization consists of the international, labor, customer, competitor, and supplier components.    a. true    b. falseQ39. Human resource planning is another area of concern for output planners.    a. true    b. falseQ40. The concept of forecasting can be traced at least as far back as Fayol.    a. true    b. falseQ41. When nearly everyone who wants the product has it, and sales are due to replacing a worn-out product, the product is in which life-cycle stage?    a. decline    b. growth    c. maturity    d. saturation    e. both A and CQ42. The jury of executive opinion of forecasting predicts future sales levels primarily by asking appropriate salespeople to give their opinions on what will happen to sales in the future.    a. true    b. falseQ43. Which scheduling tool is normally used to schedule production inputs such as human resources and machinery?    a. Gantt charts    b. PERT diagrams    c. SWOT Analysis    d. Work flow diagrams    e. planning sheetsQ44. The time series analysis method of predicting future sales levels asks appropriate salespeople for their opinions of what will happen to sales in the future.    a. true    b. falseQ45. The ________ method utilizes historical data to predict future sales levels.    a. Salesforce estimation    b. Moving average    c. Delphi    d. RegressionQ46. A budget is a single-use financial plan that covers a specified length of time.    a. true    b. falseQ47. Standing plans and single-use plans are examples of which dimension in planning?    a. time    b. repetitiveness    c. level    d. scope    e. both A and CQ48. In considering selection of a site for a plant, one question an organization should ask is about the adequacy of housing and schools around potential sites.    a. true    b. falseQ49. Most organizations use a weighting process to compare site differences among foreign countries.    a. true    b. falseQ50. A rule is a standing plan that designates specific required action.    a. true    b. false

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