Module Assessment: IDS e-Portfolio – E: Academic/Intellectual Bio (100 – 300 words) F: Career/Professional Statement (50 – 100 words) G: 3-Year Academic and Career Plan (This assignment is intende

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Module Assessment:

IDS e-Portfolio –

E:  Academic/Intellectual Bio (100 – 300 words)

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F:  Career/Professional Statement (50 – 100 words)

G:  3-Year Academic and Career Plan  (This assignment is intended to challenge students to think strategically about the specific action steps that they need to take in order to advance in their chosen professional field. The 3-Year Plan must be completing using one of the templates provided in the Syllabus Appendix, and it must include relevant professional development from JSU’s Ed-2-Go Online Trainings as well as workforce training opportunities that are provided in the students selected professional networks—professional organizations, student organizations, and/or JSU’s Career Services (Tigers to Work).


Module Assessment:

IDS e-Portfolio –

H:  Write your formal rationale for Interdisciplinary Study.  Given your academic interests and your professional goals, explain why Professional Interdisciplinary Studies was the appropriate choice for you.  (1000 words)

below is some information you can use for my 1000 words sector-

Professional Interdisciplinary Studies to me is a customizable major made up of many concentrations or disciplines that can be curtailed to fit each individual student pursuing further education or career opportunities. Understanding this, I chose ProIS as I am a current business owner, social justice advocate and leader in my work field; I wanted to further my education and add to my credentials and this major is able to facilitate in this. Although, I work in many different areas they all intertwine and I believe this major will be the icing on the cake with bringing it all together cohesively.

I am training to enter a career field of human resources where I seek to become a DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusive) Officer. I plan to ensure that the workplace and various social institutions that I am apart promotes a healthy and safe environment for social and racial harmony. The disciplines are Criminal Justice, Law and Sociology are the most relevant to my career field according to the text. With social sciences I can explore the range of relationships between society and people. Criminal Justice uses theories on human nature ,concepts of laws, and social order. It’s also important for me to understand social structures, inequalities, and systemic discrimination under social science and sociology. The discipline law will make me well versed in anti-discrimination laws, equal opportunity regulations, and affirmative action.

I want to help increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in churches through consulting. Two of the many skills I’ll need in my IDS Cognitive tool kit are ethical consciousness and cross-cultural understanding. Ethical consciousness is self-knowledge to recognize a bias which is necessary in my line of work. It can be easy to make decisions through the filters of your own experience, but that would be excluding those I tend to help rather than promoting inclusion. While it’s inevitable to avoid a diverse, and tense world, having ethical consciousness will help me promote a comprehensive and integrative environment in the community, workplace, and church. When working with people from different backgrounds cross-cultural understanding is important to comprehend the usage of different terminology, practices and perspectives. In a world full of differences not only do I have to find a common ground, but I must teach and show people the need to do the same as well. Applying these two skills amongst others will help me be able to bridge and connect the cultural gaps we experience in many different social institutions.

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