Mr. Thompson, a middle school teacher, wanted to find out if there was a difference in the student engagement between three sections of his biology class based on the type of instruction he used. Ther

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You are given data from the Florida Student Survey which includes variables of political ideology (scored 1 = very liberal to 7 = very conservative) and newspaper reading (number of times a week reading a newspaper), as well as high school and college GPAs. Using this dataset:a. Compute the correlation coefficient between political ideology and newspaper reading and interpret this correlation. Refer to both the strength and direction of the correlationin your interpretation. b. Interpret the correlation in terms of r-squared (coefficient of determination). c. Construct a scatterplot using Excel between the variables “y = college GPA” and “x =high school GPA.” Label this scatterplot as Scatterplot 5a). Provide an appropriate title for the chart as well as labels for both axes. d. Describe the pattern that emerges in the scatterplot. What might this relationship imply? Be careful not to infer cause and effect.e. Using the same dataset, conduct a regression to predict college GPA (y) from high school GPA (x). (a) Show the regression output, and (b) interpret the results. f. What is the predicted value for a student with a high school GPA of 3.25? g. Interpret the value of the R-squared for the regression model.

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