Music and Technology

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1. TOPIC: has to do with Music and Technology. NO INSTRUMENTS (with the exception Electronic Instruments and Large Instruments of Nature)

2. Design the Presentation 1. Go to Google Docs (if you do not have google account sign up for one so you can use google slides) Push Slides and begin to design you presentation 2. Cover the history preceding the development of the topic 3. Discuss the material and design of the item as well as technological advances (this is 50% of the presentation). 4. Discuss the topic in depth. 5. Include a visuals as well as a video sample from You Tube inserted directly into the slide (be sure to give the title of the piece presented). A deduction in points will occur for use of a web links. 6. List references.

3. Please write a Topic Outline (in word format .docx or .rtf) in 2 days. This is important, please finish it as soon as possible

In your Topic Outline you must include the following:
 Your Name
; Your Choice of Topic; A Simple Listing of Slides covering the basics of your Presentation.

Ex.: Slide 1 – Title Page
; Slide 2-4 History of Topic; Slide 5, 6, 7 and 8 – Technological Advancement (50% of presentation)
; Slide 9 – Minimum – One Video selection of the Topic; Slide 10 – Conclusion; Slide 11 – Reference Page

Remember you will have to put everything you would normally say in a face to face 
presentation in this Presentation Project when you consider the number of slides to use.

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