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What is an issue in the world today that you are interested in within the categories that our textbook addresses – education, technology, economics and food issues? This may be something in your personal life or something you have seen on the news recently? You could discuss the upcoming elections in relation to income inequality or an issue in your on educational experience. Explain how this issue concerns you. How are you affected by this issue? How are those around you affected by this issue? What outcome do you forsee happening?

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After thinking about this topic, develop a working outline, which can be informal but should be well thought out and easy to understand.

Submit an outline for your paper on discussion board. Create a preliminay outline in which you develop a claim / thesis statement that you can stand behind. Frame your claim as a “should or should not” statement at the top of the page.

Then beneath it list out your supporting reasons. This does not have to be a formal outline, but should be a guide to getting started with your paper. Choose the form of the outline that works best for you, keeping in mind what your textbook said about outlines. Also make this as detailed as you choose. The more detailed the better when it comes to getting feedback.

Please share your outline on the discussion board and then respond to two classmates and comment on the issues that they are discussing. Please follow the rubric for this discussion.

Rubric for Discussion Boards

The following criteria determine the points you earn for your postings to the Discussion Board, and your replies to others’ postings for a total of 10 points for each Discussion Board assignment.

Original Posting:

1)Mention at least 2 specific points from the reading and/or assignment. (2 points)

2) Show some understanding of the reading or lecture notes in connection to the assignment. (2 points)

3)Length of posting is a minimum of 3 sentences. (1 point)

4)Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. (2 points)

Part 2

Paper One: Claim-with-Reasons

Length: 5 full written pages, plus a Works Cited page

Format: MLA (1” margins, double-spacing, header on first page, title centered on first page, Times New Roman 12 point font, etc.)

Audience: Academic (no personal pronouns like I or you)


Students will recall the various developmental writing methods and organizational structures and use standard English guidelines to create a college level research paper

Students will understand the audience and appropriate tone to create a persuasive and believable argument

Students will apply the rules of argumentation, including avoiding fallacies and bias, in creating a valid claim and presenting the reasons supporting this claim in clear topic sentences

Students will analyze the different sides of an issue in current events, make a claim and provide support

Students will evaluate the relative worth of outside sources and their usefulness in the research and application to the argument presented

Students will compose a well-developed argumentative essay that integrates short quotes and summaries/paraphrases applying correct MLA documentation.


You will choose one appropriate topic based on a current and long-standing issue from the topics within your textbook, including education, technology, economics, gender rights and food issues. You may choose anything you want to write on within these topics. See the lecture notes this week for more help with narrowing the topic.

You may not write about abortion, the death penalty, gay marriage, marijuana legalization or euthanasia/physician- assisted suicide. If you do write about one of these topics, your essay will not be accepted for a grade.

You will make a claim about a policy in these topics that you can argue. A policy is something that is being done concerning the topic you have chosen. For instance, rather than writing about whether or not technology is a good thing (a simply opinion), you should address a specific policy


Eng 112

about technology, like whether it should be used in schools or with medical records. Choose a side on the policy to argue for or against. Argument is key. A presentation of a ideas and information in a broad spectrum not addressing a policy will not suffice. You must include argument.

Your thesis statement will be a should or should not statement, such as “The NFL should be held accountable for head injuries because . . .”

You must provide reasons for choosing and arguing on the side that you do so. These reasons must support your claim and lead you to some conclusion. These reasons will be make up the topic sentences and explanations of them will comprise the body of your paper.

You will conduct research in the library and online to find sources that support your claim and provide backing for your argument. You may use an essay from your textbook for supporting evidence on your topic.

You must use proper MLA documentation. You must use at least four recent sources (within the last 10 years) for this paper. The following guidelines apply to the sources you may use:

One scholarly or professional journal, using fully developed articles, not abstracts, news briefs, or citations. Try NCLive, SIRS or JSTOR for good sources.

One book other than a research guide or reference book (no encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc). This source may be an essay from your textbook.

One newspaper article.

One additional source (this may come from the Internet with restrictions, audiovisual sources, personal interviews, or additional books and periodical articles from numbers 1 and 2 above.)*Internet sources need to be approved by the instructor.* You may not use Wikipedia!!

You must cite and document these four sources in the essay or the essay will not be accepted for a grade.

Research Collection: Students will submit a Works Cited page as a separate assignment before the final paper is due.

Length: At least 5 full typed, plus a works cited page.

MLA Format:

Header and title on the first page, including your name, date, class and instructor name.

Double-spaced pages

One-inch margins

Times New Roman 12-point font.


Eng 112

You must include a works cited page. This is not included in the 5 page minimum.

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