phi103 week 4 discussion 1 RESPONSE f w

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Read the fallacies presented by your classmate and analyze the reasoning that they have presented. Respond in a way that furthers the discussion. For example, you might comment on any of the following types of questions: Have ever seen or fallen for similar fallacies in your own life? Are any of the cases presented also instances of some other type of fallacy? Is there a sense in which the reasoning might not be fallacious in some cases? What can people do to avoid falling for such fallacies in the future? 6 sentences or more.

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The anecdotal evidence fallacy

An example of this type of fallacy would be smoking is not harmful to my health in that my mother smokes three packs of cigarettes a day and has no health issues as a result of smoking so much.

The fallacy was used by me when I was younger to justify my smoking habit, and uses my mother as an example to show that I used her good fortune to justify that smoking is not harmful; to avoid the logical error I should have argued that smoking has had no adverse effects on her thus far at this stage of her life, but she is young and in excellent health.

Appeal to belief

Example: The majority are always right

This fallacy has been used over the years by political candidates, particularly, to suggest that when most people agree on something they are usually right. To avoid the logical error herein, one should argue that decisions are made depending on the number of people who agree on the same opinion, but that it does not mean they are always right.

Appeal to consequences

Example: I don’t believe that meat causes cancer

The fallacy is used by meat lovers in an attempt to justify their psychological doubt/guilt in reading medical reports on the contrary. To avoid the logical error here,one could have argue that it is hard to change a lifestyle and eating habits.

Discussion two

The media manipulate people by making them prefer the choices of media rather than their own. For instance, the media manipulates people to use certain products by portraying them as the best by using celebrity images to convince readers that choices referred to are the best.

Negative consequences such as excessive spending can result due to people reliant on media celebrity coverage for decisions. This excessive spending or over-indulgence in anything can be harmful and could lead to health and financial problems. The media tends to control us as we tend to follow the media choices which are shown in such a manner that they almost brain wash its public..

To break free from this effect of media on people, individuals need to be strong enough to make their own choices and form their own opinions, and stand by those choices to avoid been manipulated.

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