Please answer each of the folllwing five (5) questions in accordance with the following standards:(a) adherence to the proper standards of grammar, (b) the logical development of concepts and reasonin

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Please answer each of the folllwing five (5) questions in accordance with the following standards:(a) adherence to the proper standards of grammar, (b) the logical development of concepts and reasoning, (c) comprehensiveness of the response and (d) depth of knowledge demonstrated.  Each question is equally valued at 20 points.

Grading criteria

A+ Superb submission in every respect –remarkable work product

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A Excellent with no significant issues regarding the above standards

A-Excellent with but several grammatical issues

B+ Very good-meets the standard for the course and graduate level work with but several grammatical and /or substantive issues for concern of a non – critical nature

B Good –with grammatical, content and /or other substantive issues for concern of a critical nature

Grades below B are assigned for those submissions that in effect fail to meet acceptable standards.

Format /due date

Answer each question in numerical order by first restating the question, along with the number of that question, followed by a typewritten double-spaced response. Answer all points raised in each question and be specific and/or provide examples as appropriate.

The questions

Question 1

The importance of the NLRA (LMRA) to stabilization of the labor management relationship cannot be overestimated. Discuss the impact of the statute with specific reference to the scope of its coverage, the protection of concerted activity, unfair labor practice charges (ULP) and finally the structure of an appropriate bargaining unit. (Ch 3)


Question 2 The negotiating process is not one that either party approaches in a casually informal way; rather there is a period that encompasses critical preparation activities that need not only be relied upon, but more so, even fine-tuned before one can effectively take a seat at the bargaining table. What are these activities and in what manner are they important to one’s effectiveness at negotiations?

(Ch 6)


Question 3 Among the forefront of issues at the bargaining table, are those of an economic nature. While management may at times be concerned with ability to pay, the objective of lowering labor costs generally, may well be an incentive for hard bargaining at negotiations. In order to effect its objectives, management may raise certain proposals during the course of bargaining. How can such proposals as wage comparability, two tier wage plans, outsourcing, reliance on bonuses (cf. wage increases) and creative benefit packages with cost containment for health care plans as well as innovative benefits such as legal services for one, facilitate an avenue for reaching a signed labor contract? (Ch 7)


Question 4 Administrative issues at the bargaining table may raise important underlying concerns for labor, in that contract language may either not adequately address the issue, or it may foster a long-lasting negative impact for either or both parties. Describe how issues, such as technological change, market trends and new practices, use of a contingent workforce, downsizing, outsourcing, subcontracting, seniority and safety and health initiatives may impact contract negotiations. Note these are merely exemplative of several administrative issues and you need not include all in your discussion. (Ch 8)


Question 5 Negotiations when successful will lead to a collective bargain agreement (CBA), while third party dispute resolution procedures, economic pressure, and at times governmental intervention may otherwise play a role.  While it is important to note the distinction between the resolution of interest disputes as opposed to those procedures relied upon to address rights or grievance disputes, discuss the reliance on third party neutrals, the use of economic weapons by both management and labor, and the role of the government in its efforts to resolve such bargaining impasses. (Ch 9)

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