Please respond to this discussion question, at least 200 words, one reference APA 7 format Bias is any deliberate mistake made during the planning, execution, or analysis of a study (Althubaiti, 201

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Please respond to this discussion question, at least 200 words, one reference APA 7 format

Bias is any deliberate mistake made during the planning, execution, or analysis of a study (Althubaiti, 2016). Understanding bias is crucial because it affects the validity and reliability of quality improvement (QI) projects (Althubaiti, 2016). I identified three biases in my QI project: Framing, confirmation, and cognitive biases.

Framing bias is when the project team presents various information “frames” to the participants in a positive or negative light and can affect participants’ decision-making (Ballard, 2019). The project team can choose not to say something about the disadvantages or inconveniences of text messages but only present the advantages. Participants can make different judgments or decisions based on the same facts presented differently. One way to mitigate frame bias is how one will explain the information or message when managing or collaborating with others to look for alternative viewpoints on the problem (Ballard, 2019).

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Confirmation bias is characterized by selective exposure to information that confirms one’s beliefs and biased evaluation of that information (Meppelink et al., 2019). Confirmation bias is when a project team member has an underlying tendency to notice, focus on, and give more weight to evidence that supports their pre-existing beliefs. They offer more weight to the “evidence” that confirms that text messaging is the only solution to same-day cancellations. It is crucial to present facts in simple terms participants can understand to mitigate confirmation bias. Patients believe and find information relevant, credible, helpful, and convincing when they can easily relate to it (Meppelink et al., 2019).

Cognitive bias is distortions in judgment and decision-making that can affect patient outcomes (Thirsk et al., 2022). Cognitive biases impact how one uses clinical data on text messaging with colonoscopy procedures. To mitigate cognitive bias is to admit errors and demonstrate critical thinking when reviewing the literature (Royce et al., 2019). The team members must be flexible and adjust to interacting with everyone. Being supportive, compassionate, fair, and respectful develops all nurses’ participation and involvement and influences employees’ productivity. This could be beneficial to create a more secure environment for accepting uncertainty in implementing the quality improvement project.

It is not an automatic action to reduce biases, but each one can learn how to minimize biases with effort. Once the project team knows and accepts these biases, they can consciously mitigate them. In addition, they will have the power to change how they think and challenge these biases within themselves.

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