Please write a 1050-word research essay in a APA format and please reference 4 Scholarly Articles

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Individual Paper: The Intersection of Ethics, Logistics Industry and AI.

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Disruptive innovation is everywhere. Embracing new technologies can be a competitive advantage to many businesses. Yet ethical, social and monetary controversies often revolve around new and emerging technologies (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block Chain, Internet of Things, Robotics, Cyber security, etc.). These amazing technologies offer great opportunity yet open up new concerns around potential unintended impacts and misuses. As ethical and innovative business leaders, how can we assure that contemporary and emerging technologies are beneficial, responsible, and sustainable? What is the role and responsibility of utilizing technological innovations/artificial intelligence/AI artifacts with human well being and flourishing? What should the relationship be between a company’s core values, ethical boundaries and emerging technology? How can you assess and/or project the ethical, societal and financial implications when embraced and inculcated into your organization and/or industry? Each student is to identify a business ethical dilemma/issue (i.e., AI technology that affects your industry space or one you are interested in) and respond to the four questions mentioned above. Write a seven-page paper using an ethical business model you create to guide your intellectual analysis, decision-making and communication to stakeholders.

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