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Your assignment, in lieu of class, is to re-watch the video we watched in class today as many times as necessary to capture examples of the Principles of War in action. When you recognize a principle or principles being discussed, make sure to make note of:

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Which principle(s) was/were involved?

Was it from the friendly perspective or from the enemy’s perspective? (In other words, was a unit protecting our own friendly forces, and thus providing SECURITY for us, or was a unit doing something that denied the enemy SECURITY?)

A short summary (a couple of sentences) describing the situation.

The time elapsed on the video when the situation occurred (e.g., “15:24” would mean you recognized the concept at the 15 minute, 24 second point in the video).

The purpose of this assignment is to see if you can recognize the Principles of War in action in an actual military operation. It may be easier to find examples of some principles than others; that is fine. You DO NOT need to have an example of every principle; however, you should have an example of at least five of the nine principles.

Only document events described in the the actual briefing portion of the video. You do not need to worry about the reporters’ questions (but you may find it helpful to watch them at least once, as the general does describe concepts in more detail in answer to their questions). Also, your examples do not have to be exclusively US examples. The general gave several examples of Saudi, French, etc. operations which you could reference, if you so choose.

Bring your notes and whatever you want to use to write the paper (e.g., laptop, pen/paper, etc.) to class on Friday, Nov 17th, as you will write the paper in class. It will be two pages long. Additional details will be provided with the instructions on Friday.

The video can be found at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKi3NwLFkX4


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