Question 16 Vignette: Two co-workers began an affair and were seen being openly affectionate with one another.

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Question 16

Vignette: Two co-workers began an affair and were seen being openly affectionate with one another. The affair ended and for several days the two were observed being hostile to one another. One of the employees involved in this affair approached the manager (not involved in the affair) of the department and requested a transfer. The transfer was denied. This is an example of:

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Select one:


Sexual Harassment

Adverse Treatment

None of the above



Question text

Vignette: Job Brown was often seen sleeping at his desk. Other employees began to complain to the manager about Joe’s sleeping habits. The manager knew that Joe was taking perscription medication that induced sleepiness and had developed a dependency on this medicine. Joe’s work performance was satisfactory but with other employees constantly complaining about his sleeping habits, the manager felt pressured to take action. If you were the manager, what would you do?

Select one:


Suspend Joe

Offer a “reasonable” accommodation

Discuss Joe’s situation with his co-workers



Question text

Acronym: The law that requires employers to ensure that all employees can legally work in the United States is known as:

Select one:







Question text

Acronym: The procedure/process for determining human resource needs and skill requirements for an organization is known as:

Select one:







Question text

Acronym: Employees who feel discriminated against by employers can take their complaint directly to the:

Select one:





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