Question: Review the assessment below: PRE-EMPLOYMENT ASSESSMENT TEST Name:

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Review the assessment below: how you can make it better, if changes are made, please explain why and what resources are used to change it.



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1)     We would like to know you

Any previous work experience? Volunteer experience?

If yes, where?

What did you do?

What job skills do you have?

What is the most crucial aspect of the job you are looking for? Please choose only one

Well paid job, no matter the work conditions?

Work that teaches you valuable skills even if it does not pay well?

Enjoy the job while making decent money?

2) How we can help you

Directions: Circle the items in each box that best describe you. You may make as many or as few circles in each box as you choose. Add up the number of circles in each box.

Box 1

what do you like to do

1. Do you feel comfortable talking to people?

2. Can you follow instructions?

3. Can you perform routine, organized activities but still be flexible?

4. Plan your work and follow instructions without close supervision

5. Make business contact with people

6. Move things from one place to another

Box 2

what you like to do

1. Operate machines and keep them in good repair

2. Can you read and follow instructions?

3. Work under pressure

4. Respond quickly and calmly in emergencies

5. Follow guidelines precisely and meet strict standards of accuracy

6. Solve mechanical problems

Box 3

what you like to do

1. Be outdoors in all kind of weather

2. Learn how things grow and stay alive

3. Work as a member of a team

4. Plan or budget or keep records

5. Be leader in a group

6. Drive


If Box 1 has the highest number:

Client might perform well in jobs that requires client to interact with customers


If Box 2 has the highest number:

Client might perform well in industrial jobs.


If Box 3 has the highest number:

Client might perform well in jobs with no to low customers’ interaction

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