Reading Journal (Feminism), political science homework help

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I will be doing a research on Socialist Feminism versus Radical Feminism Theories using many different sources in a few weeks. For this assignment I need you write a 4-5 page long (double spaced) Reading Journal, analyzing and evaluation the possible sources that you have supposedly nailed so far for the purpose of this upcoming research. Within the Reading journal you will need to sometimes refer to quotes or paraphrase from some of the sources, but not too many times. You need to place the focus of this journal on convincing the reader about applicability of these sources for the research by givinga short bibliography of each and pointing out how they relate to the thesis of my research.

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You do not need to worry about format too much but grammar and punctuation is extremely crucial to be flawless since this is a masters degree course work. You will not need to use all the optional sources but try to use at least a few of those in addition to all the Mandatory sources. You can use any other scholarly article or book of your choice that you like. Together I need you to use at least 9 sources for this Journal. So, for example if you decided to use only 4 optional sources listed in addition to the 2 mandatory ones, you will need to throw in at least 3 other sources of your own choice other than the ones I have listed to come up with 9.

About The research:

Radical feminists, by definition, sought to get at the root of oppression in society in order to drastically change things. In a male-dominated patriarchal society, they saw that root as oppression of women. However, socialist feminists were more likely to describe oppression based on gender as one piece of the struggle. Socialist feminism is distinct from radical feminism because socialist feminists rejected the radical feminist notion that the sex discrimination women faced was the source of all of their oppression. Student will focus on key issues in both types of feminism and demonstrate the differences within the two theories in terms of of sex or gender desires with respect to factors such as class, race, environment and culture.

The research is designed for the
student to study and develop critical thinking on the key principles of both socialist
feminism and radical feminism. The research will elaborate on the topic by
paying close attention to the similarities and differences among the two
ideologies. This objective is largely
pursued with doing close readings of multiple texts and performing an analysis
on the origins of both theories and the proceeding evolutions led by each. The relative roles and structure of both
ideologies will be evaluated in addition to comparing and contrasting them side
by side side. Finally, the research will draw a personal conclusion in terms of
the rationality of one ideology over the other and among other contexts of
feminism with an eye on key issues such as class, gender, race ethnicity and

Required Representative Bibliography (Mandatory to be Used):

  • The Socialist Feminist Project: A Contemporary Reader in Theory and Politics by Nancy Holmstrom
  • Materialist Feminism : A Reader in Class, Difference, and Women’s Lives by Chrys Ingraham and Rosemary Hennessy

You may use this Review or other articles like this to get some information about the book if you cannot access the book itself but do not list the Review as main source…

Secondary Representative Bibliography (Optional): Fully Online links provided

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