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An ethical dilemma is the choice of an individual that isn’t right nor is it wrong. (2016, Sec1.6) The choice that one person makes can be from a point of view of being beneficial for ones self but not for the company and some may view that as wrong and selfish as other would see it as if it is not hurting the company than why is it a big deal? An example of and ethical dilemma for me would be a few weeks ago our office was given the go ahead to start using flex schedules. All offices were given the option but not everyone had to participate in it. You could flex or not. Well the co -worker decided not to flex their schedule to work 4 tens but to work early and leave early instead. This caused some term oil and had many people thinking that they were abusing a good thing and making up their own schedules to where it would hurt the company. The worker decided to call in the supervisor and see what they had to say about it, and after review it didn’t hinder or help the office at all it was just simply an earlier schedule so there was no reason they couldn’t do it. An alternative to this would have been her sitting down with her supervisor before implementing something like that and getting the ok and then going to her team and proposing the idea to make sure everyone was ok with it instead of just saying that was what she was going to do.

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