Reply to 3 peer initial posts to the original discussion question.150words min each reply and include direct questions.

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Original Question: Read the National Contract Managers Code of Ethics.Link:….
Review the attached ethics presentation. Consider and discuss why would we study ethics in a contracting course,
and what are some ethical dilemmas that may arise in the contracting field?

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STUDENT 1: Kirby

Hello Class,

This week we were asked to discuss the importance of ethics in contracting. To start, ethics is an important aspect not only in contracting, but in any business. It is important that all people approach legal documents and jobs with a clear understanding of their morals. The link provided in our forum states, “The Code of Ethics of the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) establishes principles for members of the contract management profession. This code is intended to create public trust and confidence in the integrity of the contract management process. The code requires members of the contract management profession to conduct themselves in such a manner as to bring credit upon the profession. All members of NCMA shall abide by the letter and spirit of this code” (NCMA, n.d.).To me, this is a very clear statement that all contracting professionals should approach their work with a non-biased and straightforward approach to meeting the requirements themselves and not ever for personal gain. I am quite familiar with Darleen Druyun, as we discussed her during a previous DEFM course. Her actions speak to her level of greed and lack of morals while she negotiated jobs and contracts with Boeing. The part that is the most shocking was that she was not caught sooner. When the knowledge got out of her bribing jobs for her children and ever her son-in-law. It is a sad reality of those that are left unattended and unchecked.

STUDENT 2: Tyler

Good evening class,

Ethics in my opinion is one of the most important aspects of contracting and acquisition. Any contract requires two individuals to come to a lawful agreement and ethics plays a huge role when lawful agreements come into play. Ethics plays an important role because it ensures individuals behave in a manner that upholds the legal contract that they have committed to with another individual or group of individuals. The code of ethics describes a few characteristics that encompass ethics as a whole and provide a good example of what ethical behavior should look like in contracting and acquisition.Integrity first and foremost provides the most important aspect of ethics in contracting and acquisition. A contract in itself is an example of integrity by allowing two groups to come to an agreement and stick to it without any issues. Without integrity a contract would be null and void. Accountability is the second most important aspect of contracting and acquisition. Accountability allows members to accept responsibility for their own conduct and performance. Without accountability blame would be pushed on other individuals, and no one would accept responsibility for wrong doings. This would destroy any contract or acquisition contract because the morale of the employees would be destroyed due to pointing fingers all the time, and leadership would falter from not having accountability. Good ethics also includes good faith, professionalism, confidentiality, compliance with laws, trust, and respect. Having a respectable business relationship where everyone has professionalism, and actually cares about doing things the right way is very important in contracting and acquisition, and without a good moral compass and ethical behavior,no one would comply with contracts, morale would be low, and business would decline overall.


A code of ethics in a contracting course is a must for students to have a bold understanding for the values of a business or organization and the ethical principles based on the organization’s core values and the standards to which the professionalism is held. Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind “closed doors” in a company for them to be successful, other than the supply and demand of their product? Code of Ethics plays a huge role in proper management of a business that can make or break the morale and income for a company.There are major sections of ethics that are overlooked and need a great explanation to understand and everyone needs to follow, everyone from the newly reported member all the way to the most senior person on the job. All businesses need to have a set mandatory code of ethic wether it is pride in their work, treating people fairly, keeping honest books and records, confidentiality speaking up if an employee is in violation with any type of ethics violation. Some ethical dilemmas that my arise in the contracting field, include but no limited to; hurt an employees reputation, a managers reputation or even more extreme a businesses reputation. There are certain code of ethic regulations within acquisitions that deal with the implications within the field of acquisitions which are not always unethical. Ethical implications are not necessary viewed in the negative way, there are positive ethical implications such as integrity, trust, diversity, decision making, compliance and governance. Ultimately in the end, there needs to be recognition of great code of ethics in the work force and also there needs to be serious punishment for violation of ethics. In order to have a dedicated people to excel in necessary positions we need to act with integrity and within the highest ethical principles.

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