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Part I: Sentence Modifiers

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Directions: revise the following sentences that contain either dangling or misplaced modifiers. Note: There will be more than one way to fix these sentences.

  • Hurrying out the door, the door latch ripped a hole in my jacket.
  • The curtains are pretty bright in the baby’s room.
  • After taking some medicine, my stomach settled down.

Part II: Sentence Modifiers

Directions: Identify each underlined phrase as a participial, appositive, or absolute modifying phrase.

  1. Between the sharp, loud crashing of cymbals, he pounded the bass drum, its deep thud resonating through the stadium.
  2. The guitarist followed the beat, strumming the chords rhythmically.
  3. A means to an end that will help you develop ideas for your paper, this classroom activity is both fun and productive.
  4. A slender animal with long legs, the cheetah is built for speed.
  5. Charging forward, the bass guitarist hit a series of quick, low notes.
  6. Legs wobbling, I struggled to stand up as the physical therapist rushed over to help.
  7. My wife watched from her chair, offering love and encouragement.
  8. Most universities require two courses in first-year composition, English I and English II.
  9. He grabbed my hands to steady me, both of us shuffling toward the treadmill.
  10. The students reading the highest number of pages during the break received a free book as an award.

Part III: Sentence Coordinators Answer Key

Directions: Using conjunctions and appropriate punctuation, fix sentences that have grammatical problems (such as run-on sentences or problems with parallel structure) and combine shorter sentences to make them longer. Some options for conjunctions are “and,” “but,” “or,” “if,” “until.” Some types of punctuation are , : ; —.

  1. He saw the accident, it happened very quickly.
  2. They wanted to renovate their home, it had old paint and worn carpet.
  3. All of my favorite foods have high levels of salt, sugar and fat, I have a difficult time cooking healthier versions.
  4. They enjoy running a four-mile circuit. They usually run in the mornings before work.
  5. He usually exercises in the morning. She prefers to go to the gym at night.
  6. I did not know what to plan for my students next. I read through their drafts to make some decisions about tomorrow’s in-class activities.
  7. Our textbook is engaging, informative, and you can read it quickly.
  8. Today I will grade several papers, develop a new assignment, and be gathering material for my latest research.
  9. I pulled an all-nighter working on my term paper. The next day, I needed some coffee to stay awake.
  10. Tom and Morgan usually eat dinner together. They don’t eat dinner together when one of them has to work late.
  11. The Utah Jazz are a basketball team with a great history. They have had trouble winning a championship.
  12. I got a thank you note from a student she said she learned a great deal from the assignments we did.

Part IV: Identifying form classes

Directions: Identify the class of every word in the following sentences. Place your labels below the words: noun (n), verb (vb), adjective (adj), adverb (adv), determiner (det), auxiliary (aux), qualifier (qual), preposition (prep), conjunction (conj), expletive (exp), particle (part), pronoun (pro). Remember: Some words can serve as members of different classes, depending on how they are used.

  1. Scholarships can help a student, but they may not cover the full cost of a degree.
  2. We waited until they arrived.
  3. If time is of the essence, is it not rather important?
  4. Smart phones have made texting a standard form of communication.
  5. Do not answer the questions until I start the timer.
  6. We are cold in this weather, but we will not be cold forever.

  1. My parents did not arrive on the plane; they drove here from their hotel.
  2. Experience shows us that we must always reflect on our teaching.
  3. A number of students show up to class and expect us to provide an informative lesson.
  4. Give me a dime, and I will give you ten pennies.
  5. If you have two fives, I can give you a ten.
  6. He always allows children to express their creativity in his classes.
  7. He can be so hilarious that he can have his audience in stitches.
  8. Everyday people are usually courteous.
  9. When my brother looks up that book, we hope we can purchase it online.

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