Subjective objective approach

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This written assignment (approximately six to seven pages in length) will contain (3) sections of

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approximately (2) pages in length (and shall be labeled as such):

(1) Subjective: describing your relationship to race and ethnic relations dynamic (what was / is your

experience with the topic?). Be sure to describe, in detail, your experience of the chosen topic

from a subjective approach. Note that no identifying markers of subjects involved shall be

presented (names, addresses, etc.) when describing the experience(s).

(2) Objective: researching the social problem topic that you have chosen. The student must cite a

minimum of two different (excluding the Schaefer textbook ) academic articles or

publications (references may include the Schaefer text). All references must be

listed on a References page. APA style of writing is encouraged, but any standard form is


(3) Approach: analyzing (or approaching) the Subjective via the Objective. The final two pages will

consist of applying theory and / or concepts to your experience of race and ethnicity. It is

essential that you apply the various theories / concepts presented in the course. In short, do

theories / concepts help to explain your subjective experience? If so, in what way(s)? If not, in

what way(s)?

Topic The (S.O.A.) paper topic must be a race and ethnic topic, keeping in mind that

the student must have personal (subjective) experience with the chosen topic being approached (e.g.

Discrimination, Prejudice, Immigration, Homophobia, Stereotyping, Assimilation, Scapegoating,

White Privilege, Labelling, Stratification, Segregation)

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