The Accountant movie

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I wanted to ensure that everyone understands the information that needs to be included in the paper you will be writing on the assigned movie. Please do not write a summary. I am including a synopsis of the expectations so you can have a better understanding of the expectations.

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  • 1 1/2 to 2 page minimum 12 font Times Roman (this is the minimum requirement and your paper most likely will be 4-5+ pages depending on how in-depth analysis is)
  • Please write the underlining theme of the movie which the Director was trying to convey to the audience. Each of the movies has a very poignant theme which should be critically explored
  • Define the main characters and how their roles are portrayed in the movie. Example: the nurse in One Flew Over the Cockoo’s Nest. How did the nurse utilize her position of power? How much influence over the patients care did she have? Why did she act the way she did? Please include in your paper the main characters who provided care or made decisions in regards to their care such as the doctors, security etc. What message was the director trying to convey with the “orderlies” who wore white jackets. Why were the patients heavily medicated? Why did they perform the surgery on the main character? Did anything else in the mental health setting/institution play a role in how the patients were cared for? Dig Deep!
  • Utilization of sources other than the movie to add validity to your analysis is highly encouraged
  • APA formatting required (cover page, running header, references etc)
  • Grading based on Grammar, utilization of APA formating, and analysis

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