The final project is the culmination of your work, You will choose the project topic.

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The final project is the culmination of your work, You will choose the project topic. In length, the written paper will vary depending on the topic, the project need to be detailed and very well written.

1. it is not a descriptive paper but instead is an application of research to a specific problem or situation. Think of it as a consulting project where you identify a problem for an organization or an ongoing issue, analyze the causes of the problem or issue, and make recommendations based on your original analysis.

You may choose a project based on a current issue for your employer or an organization you know well. This should not be a business plan or a similar format that does not involve original analysis of a problem. It should not be something that you are working on with other people in your organization. This does not need to be a huge project. See the list of past topics for ideas.

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You may base your project on an individual paper completed earlier in the MBA program (no group projects may be used.) If a previous paper is used, the work will need to be extended to include context and analysis. It is usually difficult to convert a research paper, so talk with the instructor early about how it might be adapted. For example, one student took a research paper on the factors influencing Disney’s global expansion strategy and used that research to analyze whether Disney should expand into a specific country in the future. Another student looked at sales tax free days and analyzed what the effects would be for a particular municipality.

2. it includes a discussion of the context—either the organizational context, the industry or competitive context, the legal or regulatory context, or the global context

3. It must include a quantitative analysis created by the student. In other words, it cannot include secondary data or an analysis from another source. The appropriate analysis varies by subject. A marketing project may calculate expected changes in market share or in revenues. Cost/benefit analysis can be used to measure the impact of organizational changes. Financial measures are appropriate for many projects. Production and operations management analysis can be used to study logistical changes.

Students will work on each of these parts as assignments during the course so that they get feedback on need areas before putting together the final paper.

At the end of the quarter, each student will present his or her paper/project using Collaborate software and PowerPoint to an audience of faculty in relevant areas, Business Advisory Group members, and organization members (if they choose to participate.) Several faculty and others may be asked to evaluate, and all present may ask questions.

Examples of capstone projects done by others include:

Advisability of hiring interns versus external hires for a small advertising agency.

Changes that a regional Post Office could implement to distribute mail more efficiently (cost/benefits).

Impact of software changes on a small business (home healthcare) to meet changing regulations (cost/benefits)

Results of selecting leaders based on Emotional Intelligence Scores (case study with statistical analysis)

Costs and benefits of labeling changes to meet new government standards for a small manufacturer.

Comparison of client communication methods on event registration for an employer association (case study with statistical analysis)

Comparing costs benefits of promoting from within to external hires for a property management company.

Factors affecting retention and turnover in a probation office.

please answer correctly and completely

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