This is a homework for engineer class

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Question 1

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Give details of examples of some geotechnical projects as discussed in the class, and also discuss about the evidence to show that one is a Geotechnical Engineer.

Question 2

Please watch the video in the link below and comment on the application of geotechnical engineering in constructing this gigantic structure on the ocean.

Question 3

Contact the Board of Registration for Professional Engineers in your state or province and find out the requirements for becoming a registered professional engineer. Start planning to take the FE examination when it is given in your area next year. Please site your source of information. What are all the branches of Geotechnical Engineering? Write a detailed explanation of five of the branches of Geotechnical Engineering

Question 4

Discuss about the learning experience a typical Geotechnical Engineer will gain from the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami that occurred in 2011 (Make sure you give detailed engineering information about the earthquake and Tsunami as well diagrams and pictures).

Question 5

What are the special attributes of soil, please illustrate your answers with annotated diagrams. List some geotechnical engineering structural failures you know.

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